The house was quiet as everyone headed up to bed. Kindle reflected on the events of that night. Deep down inside he wanted a baby more than anything, but the truth was it wasn't safe. He sat down in his father's chair, tossing a ball of fire from his hands into the fireplace. He watched the flames erupt furiously as he sank down into the chair, thoughts racing through his head. Just as he had settled in the fire began to flicker and the familiar voice floated through the room. "The pages are missing…" The voice echoed through the room. "The time is near…the pages are missing…Cedric is free…" Kindle shot out of his chair racing over to the bookcase, searching frantically for the book his father had written. The voice started to become louder "You have to leave…Cedric is free…the pages are missing." His fingers finally graced the binding of the book as he ripped it from the shelf. He began flipping through the pages furiously finally resting his eyes upon the tattered empty space the rested between the two pages. He slammed the book shut racing up the stairs grabbing Isidore from her bed. Kindle raced across the hall clinging tightly to his daughter as he burst into their bedroom. "We have to leave now!" He handed Isidore to Gavriela as he raced around quickly trying to pack their belongings.

Gavriela laid Isidore down on the pillow next to her. "Kindle what's going on?"

"Cedric is out."

"How do you know?"

"I just know. "

Gavriela got up grabbing her husband by the arm. "You heard something." He stopped staring her deep in the eyes. "Tell me what happened."

Tears began to fill Kindle's eyes as he handed Gavriela the book. "The pages are missing. This is why no one knew about Isidore." Gavriela stood there in a state of shock.

Gavriela looked back at her daughter who was sleeping peacefully. "Does this mean that…" Kindle nodded knowingly as he ran his fingers across her stomach. Without another word Gavriela turned and grabbed Isidore out of the bed. Kindle grabbed their belongings racing quickly down the stairs not knowing what waited for them outside.

The moment they left the house a chilling voice spoke out from the darkness that surrounded them. "Going somewhere?" Kindle watched as Cedric stepped out from the shadows. "I didn't expect such a nice welcome party when I got here." Cedric began to move closer turning his attention towards Gavriela who clung tightly to Isidore. "What a beautiful daughter you have here."

Cedric stopped as he heard an animalistic growl erupt from Kindle whose eyes began to emit a devilish red glow. "You so much as breathe on her and I'll rip your limbs from your body."

Cedric smiled evilly as he continued to approach her. "You seem to forget who you're dealing with Kindle. "

"As do you."

Cedric stood directly in front of Gavriela staring her in the eyes. "Oh know I know who I'm dealing with. Which is exactly why I just conducted the largest prison break in the history of our world. All convicted murderers of course. " Kindle turned his attention to the figures the began to show themselves. There had to be more than a hundred of them and before he knew it Cedric had grabbed a hold Isidore. She was crying loudly as Cedric handed her to Kindle. It was to be one of the biggest mistakes of his life. "Now Gavriela be a good girl and come with me and we won't have any problems." Cedric reached for her arm and she slapped him hard across the face. "Don't make this hard on yourself."

Kindle took a deep breath leaning over and whispering into Gavriela's ear. "Do you trust me?" She nodded.

Cedric was getting anxious. "What are you two whispering about?"

"Than go with him." Gavriela looked over at Kindle not sure if she had heard right.

Cedric grabbed onto Gavriela pulling her towards him, but this time she went without a struggle. Cedric smirked at her. "And this is the man you love? You're a coward Kindle I always knew it."

"Cedric you better leave before I make you regret saying that. You got what you came for." Cedric glanced at him once more before turning and handing Gavriela off to his men. Something wasn't right Kindle would never have given her up so easily, but Cedric wasn't about to question him. They had what they came for and without another word they vanished into the night.

Isidore screamed loudly for her mother as she struggled to release herself from her father's grip. "You have to trust daddy Isidore." He raced to the car buckling her into her seat as he raced away from the house. The protection spell was no longer effective and Kindle knew the danger he was putting himself and his daughter in. The drive to Fr. Pachomius' seemed to take forever, but once they arrived Kindle knew they were safe even for a little while. He carried Isidore up the steps banging on the door as hard as he could. "OPEN THE DOOR! I NEED HELP PLEASE HURRY!" The door flew open as Kindle forced his way into the house.

Fr. Pachomius stood there bewildered. "Just calm down and tell me what's going on."

"Gavriela's pregnant they came to our house and they took her." He tried to force Isidore into Fr. Pachomius' hands; she clung tightly onto his shirt begging him not to let her go. He tried his best to stay strong for her as he pulled her hands off of him. "Listen to me Isidore I'm not leaving you. I will come back for you I promise, but right now I have to go find your mum. Do you understand?" She nodded as he wiped the tears from her eyes. He kissed her cheek before exiting the house and heading back to their car.

"Kindle wait!" Kindle turned and watched Fr. Pachomius running towards him. "Why did you bring her to me?"

Kindle stared down at his feet taking a deep breath, remembering the voice he had heard earlier. "The prophecy was right. "

"But…your first born was a daughter not a son as predicted."

Kindle couldn't explain it. He was losing time and he had to find his wife. He got into the car closing the door and rolling the window down. "Ask Isidore about daddy's special trick and you will see exactly what I mean." With that Kindle disappeared into the dark leaving behind his most precious possession. He wondered if she would be safe there, but there was no guarantee he could only wait and hope that the secret would remain safe with him for everyone's sake.