His fingers brushed the skin taut over her thighs, admiring the perfection in which God had given him. "You are simply marvelous," Henry breathed, his breath teasing Anne's senses as she giggled with delight. "So many curves, intricacies." Her body was a playground and he was a grown boy, waiting to take her in seconds if she liked. "Demanding attention," he continued.

Anne grabbed for his hand, diminutive in comparison to his. "But you mustn't, your Majesty," she protested throatily, "your marriage." Her voice was crestfallen, her eyes filled with dashed hope. "The Queen."

Taking a look at her body, stark before him, his breath began laborious. "What about her?" He simply wanted to press his lips to her firm breasts, caress her body before making sinful, immoral love to her. "She is of no concern to you. Your sister got away unscathed, you shall be no different, my love."

"But I am, your Majesty," her remonstrations dying in her throat as he pressed his lips to hers. Henry's played idly with her nipple, distracting the Boleyn from the tirade that was sure to follow. "I am not Mary, your Grace," she struggled to keep composure, "I am Anne Boleyn, I yearn for greater things than a marriage to one of your servants."

In Henry's eyes, everyone was a servant. "Then what do you want, my love? Say the words and I shall make them done." His eyes locked with hers, passion sweltering as their bodies churned together, friction rising in the movements.

"I want you, your Grace, your Majesty," she paused, "I want you to put Queen Katherine aside."

"That is but one wish I cannot grant, ask for another, my love."

Determination and ferocity sat in the once-blank expression on Anne's face. "If you cannot grant that wish, then you cannot have me." She fought to break free of his touch, an arm closing tight around her body before she could make her way out of his bed.

"Give me one good reason to put Katherine aside," he whispered, his mouth next to her ear. Henry was driving her crazy with desire, but she could not cave before him or the game was lost.

"I can give you sons."