Back in New Jersey, Susan had left the rain forest, Ray coming with her to comfort her and to honor my life.

While looking out over the ocean only three hours after the explosion in the Amazon occurred, Susan appeared more then just tearful and sad, she was headed for depression.

"Any word yet?", she asked so somberly and weakening.

"Not yet, but it made the news".

"I knew we shouldn't have let him go and do it all alone, if we had gone to battle Geoff with him, he would still be alive".

"There was nothing we could do, you have to understand Susan, you could have tried all you wanted to, to force Rodlin to submit your capured whim, but a man must make his own choices".

Out of the corner of his eye he must have seen me because what he said stated clearely so.

"Know this weather alive or dead, he still honors us all, we above all though should be humble enough though to honor him".

"For without his sacrifice, we and this world would undoubtedly be dead, to that he owes our honor and respect".

"That and more Ray, that and more", I said entering the room.

MY armor was sutured and destroyed, with only the symbol and my katana encased, still remained.

But Susan didn't care, she rushed over to me and hugged and kissed me ,like it was the end of the earth.

Anyone could have said it was a perfectly romantic moment between the two of us.

"Don't you ever leave me like that again".

"I promise you, I won't, but what about for summer vacation this year".

"Pack your things, I'm coming with you".

"Relax, I swear on my life and soul, until the day we are dead and forever parted from this world...".

She stopped me with a truly passionate and emotional kiss.

"I'll never leave you".

We stood peacefully in the apartment that night peacefully, everything was quiet for now.

But beneath the surface, a new evil was being fertilized under the horizon.