The Chase

The excitement of the hunt

The thrill of the chase

Is that all there is?

The joy of a challenge

Was that all it was?

Your affection a trophy to win

A prize

Is that all?

I thought there was more

The moment I saw you

I needed to know who you were

There was something that drew me to you

You were so shy

I had to work so hard

Just to get you to say a word

The thrill of the chase?

I tried to make you fall for me

That was all I wanted

I wanted to be with you

The joy of a challenge?

Was that all there was?

Now I can start to see

I have done my job well

You like me

I should be overjoyed

Yet something is missing

What has happened?

What has changed?

We are the same people

Why don't I feel the same anymore?

I didn't plan for it to go this way

The thought never crossed my mind

All I wanted was your love

Now I have it

And I don't care….

The thrill of the chase

The joy of a challenge

Your affection, my trophy

This is not how I wanted it to be

You don't deserve to be hurt

I didn't want the thrill

I didn't want the joy

I didn't want the trophy

I just wanted to have you…