Dance for the moon

Dance for the sun

Dance for the stars

This is the end

There is nothing else


Before it is over

Before it ends

What else is there to do?

Life is to be lived

Love it to be given away

Free is t be bought dearly

Heaven help those who can't see

This is the end

Dance now

Dance for love

Dance for hope

Dance for the future

What else is there to do?

Now is all we have

Take joy in it

Or give up and float away

Life is to be loved

To love is life

And so it may be for you

Love not cheaply

Life not quietly

Think not hopelessly

But dance

Dance for time

Dance for the past

Dance for tears

Dance for dreams

Give it all

And you will be happy

You will live

You will thrive

Give some

Life will be dull


And you will be free

And freedom is the root of all joy

And joy is the cause of danceā€¦