"What's your name?"


"That's an unusual name. Sounds like a gemstone."

"That's what it means – "Precious jewel."

"So, Precious, do you have any brothers or sisters?"

Gemma raised an eyebrow at the nickname but answered the question. "Two. An older sister named Ruby and a younger brother named Jasper."

"Ruby, Gemma, and Jasper – is your dad a jeweler or something?"

"He's a teacher."


"A geology teacher," she emphasized the subject and glanced pointedly at the tall man at the front of the room

"A geology teacher," he repeated, then as realization sunk in, added, "Wait, you mean Mr. Gardner is your dad?"

"Yep. We're seated alphabetically. That's why I'm behind you. Fletcher, Gardner."

"Gemma Gardner." He said her name shaking his head with a laugh. "Well, Precious. I guess I better be nice to you then. Wouldn't want to get on the teacher's bad side."