The Swan and the Lioness

Hear her walk

Such light grace in her step

As if she would float away

At any moment

She might just fly

Opening opal wings

And fly far from us

She is a dove

She is a swan

She is alone

No one walks beside her

But why?

Is she not beautiful?

Is she not kind?

Is she not graceful?

Why is she alone?

Who will protect her?

Who will show her love?

No one

No one she says with a smile

Am I not strong?

Am I not intelligent?

Am I not a woman?

I need no one to protect me

I need no one to show me love

I am a lioness

I am a eagle

I am a woman

Although I walk alone

It is not a lonely path I follow

I am not sad

Who would not die to be beside her?

Many a man would do anything

Just to have her smile at him

She needs not walk alone

She needs not be unloved

She is a beautiful swan

Deserving of love

Deserving of glory

Deserving of all life can offer

I would rather die than have a man leading me

I will not be commanded

I owe him nothing

Not even a smile

I want to walk alone

I want to be free

I am a lioness

I deserve respect

I deserve honor

I deserve fear

I need not a man to make me whole

Is not a woman broken when she lacks a man?

Is she not lonely and distressed?

What pain she must be enduring?

Poor beautiful swan

All alone

There is nothing I lack

I am truly happy

I feel so alive and joyous

A glorious strong Lioness

Content and Free