Why can't you understand?

You don't see

You don't believe

What I am

What I believe

What I mean

You make everything I do seem so wrong

So horrible

I hate it

Why can't you believe me?

Believe that I have a mind

That I can think

I don't know everything

But I know some things

Each of us lives differently

Why can't you understand?

I am not you

I don't think the way you do

Your fears aren't mine

Your weaknesses are not mine

I don't see the world as you do

Don't try to make me

Give me my freedom

Or I'll take it

I don't want to become you

I want to be me

I want to find out for myself

I want to see the world with fresh eyes

I want to see

I want to understand

I don't care what it costs

I want to see the truth

Not just a painting of it

I want to feel the wind

Not hear it described

I want to live

Not read a book about it

I want to be free

I want to grow

I don't want to become you

I want to be some one different

I want to me