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The night that goblins, elves, wizards, princesses and ghosts would wonder the streets of every neighborhood in America, the night called Halloween; was Keisuke's favorite night of the year. Every time this holiday would come around, he would dress up and go out with a bunch of friends and earn candy from different houses my saying the three magic words "Trick-or-treat."

It was that time of year again and Keisuke was ecstatic when he'd gotten Grant, he's boyfriend and lover, to come with him. He'd learned that Grant, a long with most of his siblings, had never even heard of Halloween! There was no way that Keisuke was going to let them miss Halloween this year.

Keisuke and his best friend, Kana; who was Grant's younger sister as well, were gathering up old costumes that they'd worn in years past. Kana was the only one of her family that had gone trick-or-treating, going every year with Keisuke and a couple of their other friends.

The youngest of Kana and Grant's siblings, Alice, was already in the Halloween spirit. She'd grabbed a pretty white gown that Kana had worn when she was Alice's age. It was an old Victorian dress that had layer upon layers. With Alice's silvery blond hair and pale complexion it made her look like an elegant ghost.

Cian, the second youngest sibling, had also picked out a costume, a top hat and a black cape. One of Keisuke's old costumes that he'd used when he had preformed a magic show for his parents when he was much younger.

The older of the siblings, Jarl, wasn't going to dress up as anything, though he did agree to walk around with the others and wear a wizard's hat.

Kana was going as a French maid, which when she told people in school about it, most of the guys wanted to accompany her on her Halloween march.

Grant didn't want to go as anything, saying that it was enough that he was even going to go with them. Keisuke wouldn't allow that, he'd grabbed a mask and forced it over Grant's face. Then once Keisuke had changed into his costume, which was waiter's costume to match Kana's maid outfit, they left the house.

They'd walk from house to house and each time; yell "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" Cian and Alice's eyes would glow every time someone would drop candy into their bags.

"GRANT!" Kana yelled running up to Keisuke and Grant, who'd been waiting for Cian and Alice to get candy from one of the houses. "THERE'S A HAUNTED HOUSE OVER THERE! CAN WE GO SEE IT?!" she begged.

Keisuke stiffened slightly and didn't say anything.

Grant shrugged "Sure, but I don't know if Jarl will let us bring Cian and Alice in."

"Then we'll leave them with Jarl! Please?!" she pleaded.

Grant sighed "fine, what ever," he said as Cian and Alice came skipping back to them.

"Hey, you guys are going to stay with Jarl while Keisuke, Grant and I go in a haunted house," Kana said smiling at them.

Cian and Alice looked at each and then back at Kana "That's not fair! We wanna go too!" they both complained. Jarl walked up from talking to one of the parents that he knew.

"Jarl! Kana's not letting us go in a haunted house!" Alice said, clinging to Jarl's shirt.

Jarl chuckled "That sounds fun," he said "I'll go with you guys."

Kana sighed "Fine, let's just go now!" she said grabbing Keisuke's wrist and dragging him to the waiting line for the haunted house, the rest of the family fallowing behind them.

As they waited for their turn, Grant pulled his mask down so it was hanging around his neck; it was making his face sweat because it was getting hot under it. He noticed that Keisuke was shaking slightly. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around his little lover from behind "You're not scared are you?" he whispered in his ear.

"No!" Keisuke lied. He truly hated being scared; to him it is the worst feeling in the world.

Grant chuckled "You look sexy in that costume, by the way," he said, nipping at Keisuke's ear.

Keisuke chuckled "There's kids here, Grant," he pointed out.


"They're starring."

"Let the little brat's stare then."

Keisuke rolled his eyes at him. A kid dressed up as a zombie walked out from behind curtains that led into the haunted house. "Two people at once please," he said lazily, obviously getting bored of ushering people through.

Kana and Alice paired up and went through first. A few minutes later, Jarl and Cian fallowed after them. Then finally it was Grant and Keisuke's turn. The kid led them through the maze of gore and spooks. Every time someone would jump out at the two, Keisuke would scream and jump into Grant's arms. Grant would laugh every time and then comfort Keisuke by patting him on the head.

"Keisuke! You're such a pansy! I could hear you screaming from here!" Kana said rolling her eyes at Keisuke.

"Well sorry! I don't like these things!" he retorted.

Grant chuckled "Did you all like it?"

"No! Every time someone was about to jump out Alice would go 'There's a person there!' and point them out!" Kana complained.

Grant laughed "Maybe Keisuke and her should've teamed up for this."

Keisuke glanced up at Grant "But I liked being with you," he muttered.

Grant grinned down at him and kissed the top of his head.

"I think it's time for us to go back home," Jarl stated as Cian and Alice yawned in unison.

Once they were back home, Cian and Alice were forced to go to bed with out eating any candy. Jarl knew that if either of them had candy they'd be too hyper to go to bed. Kana had also retired to her room, claiming that tagging behind Cian and Alice had made her exhausted.

Grant and Keisuke sat on the couch together, nibbling on candy from Cian and Alice's bags. "Can I call you sexy here?" Grant ask with a smug smile on his face.

Keisuke chuckled "Yeah, it's fine here, the only kids we have to worry about is Cian and Alice," he said plopping a piece of candy in his mouth.

"I don't worry about them," Grant said, leaning over and kissing Keisuke firmly on the lips "I'm still allowed to do this right?"

Keisuke grinned and didn't even bother replying to him. He wrapped his arms around Grant's neck and kissed him hard on the lips. Grant grinned and let his hands rest on Keisuke's small hips. Grant's tongue traced his young lover's lips, begging for entrance into the warm cavern. Immediately, Keisuke granted access. Their tongues intertwining and battling for the piece of candy that Keisuke had been chewing on. Grant had won that fight, pulling away to swallow the sweet and smirking at Keisuke who had face disappointment on his face for losing his candy.

"Satisfied?" Keisuke asked. Grant shook his head and picked Keisuke up with ease, taking him back to his room, then dropping Keisuke down on the bed.

Keisuke chuckled and pulled Grant down over him, continuing the kiss that had been abruptly ended a few moments ago. Grants hands slowly unbuttoned the waiter's shirt that Keisuke was wearing, sliding it off his shoulders quickly. Then in the same moment, discarded his own shirt.

"You know," Grant mumbled brushing his lips against Keisuke's pale neck "You're my favorite candy of all."

Keisuke chuckled. He wanted to skip all the teasing this time; Grant would do this every time and drive Keisuke to the point of insanity. As Grant ran his hands over his lover's chest, Keisuke quickly changed the tables on him. This time, Keisuke was going to be the one to decide what was going to happen. With all his strength, he pushed Grant off of him and had him lay down next to him; he quickly sat on top of him and smirked down at him.

Grant looked confused for just a moment but quickly caught on. He smirked back at Keisuke and relaxed "Alright, but just this once," he said.

Keisuke flashed his pearly white teeth and leaned down to tease Grant for a few moments. He brushed his fingers lightly over Grant's erect nipples; he wasn't going to waist much time here, but he wanted to torture Grant for just a little longer. He glanced up to see Grant's expression, he was amused at Keisuke's feeble attempts to try and send him to insanity. Keisuke sighed; slightly annoyed that he couldn't get anything else out of him. Keisuke kissed lightly down Grant's bare chest, down to his navel which he dipped his tongue into and swirled it around for a moment. When he made it to the waist band of Grants pants, Keisuke traced over his lover's erection. Keisuke heard Grant take a deep breath in and he smirked, he finally got a reaction from him and now he could move on to something more stimulating.

Keisuke quickly flicked the buttons of Grants pants and unfastened them. The bulge in Grant's boxers seemed utterly painful; he released the painful erection and poked the tip with his finger. No reaction. Keisuke glanced up and saw that Grant was biting his lower lip. Keisuke smirked and went back to Grant's erection. He flicked his tongue over the tip and then slowly traced his tongue down the side, then back up to the top.

"Enough of this," Grant said, flipping the positions again.

Keisuke chuckled "Were you not having any fun?" he asked. He knew that Grant hated being the submissive one.

Grant rolled his eyes and kissed his lover gently on the lips "I'm having loads of fun," he whispered in Keisuke's ear. He quickly relieved Keisuke of his own pants, leaving him naked underneath him. Both of them were tired of teasing each other, it was time to have a little more fun. Grant lifted up Keisuke's small hips and positioned him so he'd be comfortable. He leaned down and whispered in his ear "You ready?" he asked softly.

Keisuke wrapped his arms and legs around Grant and nodded, burying his face into the crook of Grant's neck. Grant slowly pushed his member into Keisuke's unprepared hole. Grant knew that he'd ignored Keisuke, but they'd done this many times so it couldn't hurt as much as it would a virgin. Keisuke winced, it hurt for a moment, but when Grant had pushed himself in all the way, Keisuke's pain transformed into wonderful pleasure.

Keisuke breathed in deeply, his cheeks tinted red "Move," he ordered. Grant chuckled and obliged, moving slowly at first and picking up his pace gradually. Keisuke's hips bucked against him, moving along with him. The pleasure was blinding, both were lost in their own little world of ecstasy.

Keisuke gasped as Grant hit his sweet spot; a white lightly clouded his eyes and he released his seed onto Grant's chest. His inner walls squeezed tingly around Grant's member and he released moments after Keisuke. They both collapsed on the bed, just laying their holding tightly to each other.

Keisuke's eye lids were tugging to close; he was exhausted and needed to sleep. Grant saw this and chuckled "Go to sleep my candy," he whispered.

Keisuke grinned and snuggled closer to him. He loved this mad more then anything and now his favorite holiday was now even more favorable. He couldn't wait to see what would happen for Christmas.

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