Ignorance or Knowledge


I see you walk across the hall,

But you don't see me at all,

Is it your ignorance shining through?

Or is it because you know I want to be with you?


I give a wave or say a greeting,

But, secretly inside I want a meeting,

Just to be able to have a conversation,

All I want is just a little communication,


Ever since he told you how I feel,

I have to close my mouth with a hot, liquid seal,

I've got a silence pact against you,

Because I've got a bad heart that's blue,


I can't say anything without looking desperate,

I've liked you ever since we've met,

I thought that we were on the same level,

But you're higher on me, got yourself on a bevel,


I can't do anything to help myself, digging deeper under,

I want you, you were the plunder,

Didn't you see that I was reaching for you?

Did you see the clue?


I thought our feelings were the same,

Once I confessed, all I got was the fame,

Some gossip was spread,

Now I wanted to do is just move ahead,


It's clear that you don't want me like I so obviously thought,

Looks like your feelings were just caught,

When I was clear to him (to tell for you), I got the looks of laughter,

Now I'm sitting here alone, looking to see you after,


Everyone knew, but you're just in denial,

It feels like a knife was wrenched in me when I see you smile,

I know you felt the same way,

But now you're lying to yourself, everyday,


All inside of me, my heart is turning black,

Seeing all the things that I maybe lack,

I see myself, it's all to blame,

I feel sick inside, filled with shame,


Maybe I should have seen this,

But I was so sure that it wasn't a miss,

All I can think about is my first kiss,

When I see the reality, my hand forms into a fist,


I want to call you mine,

My baby, so divine, (so, just give me a sign),

I see you in the cafeteria today, and there's an invisible line,

I have to play it cool, be all fine,


I'm holding back the tears when you don't even see me,

You pretend to not know where I am, but I see you three,

You casually look back, just to see if I'm there,

I'm still longing for you, and I know that you care.