I've extended my welcome
Way past its prime
I've coveted your losses
And left you behind
I wished for your chaos
I begged for your knife
I wished for this ending
To spring me from this mortal coil

You wrote a letter in your blood
Just to let me know you cared
In your way
You had alot to talk about
Alot of shit to say
None of it made any sense
But I kept you all the same

If deja vu would release me
From this frame by frame reenactment
I could tell you, but would I tell you?
All of this if left alone could die
Like all the house plants in our lives
And I'll stand on top of the desk
Pretend that I'm the king of the courtroom
Maybe you'll say I'm cute

Worth less than a penny, cut in half
Wasted away on the counter, want you back
Could I try to impress you?
Could I forget to lie to you, just this time
You mean more than the sky
As cliche as I am all the time
Without you I would die

I wished for your chaos
I begged for your knife
I brought myself to this ending
Having second thoughts of life