The ship floated silently along the waters
Forgiving the Earth for all its faults
The wake scratched her itches
In perfect form the wind brew a storm
And my ship failed to give sway

Wind gave a second go
Sinking my ship from the blow
Slowly I sink into the sea
Breathing salt water as I slide to the floor
Tell them how I wanted be with you some more

Kiss off all my truths and piss off all my friends
Up until now, I never thought the ocean had an end
To the amazement of my eyes a seagull flew inside
The cavern where my body set it self to revive

Painted on the walls were pictures of my falls
Trails and instigations, attempts at manipulation
All my faults unveiled to me in the harshest way
In a cave with no forgiveness I had to make myself pay
Rocks scattered around begin my new offense
Time to strip this life down to its stone foundings
Help this hand caress this worthless stone
Let me give it life, so it can take my own
Lie about all my truths and keep secrets from my friends
Every day until this moment, I wished my life to end

The ship floated silently along the waters
Truth be told, with me still on it
Slumbering noisely at the wheel once again
Sad and alone, dreaming of a life with meaning
And trying to paint a satisfying ending