by: Jason Walsh

November 9th, 2008

9:20 p.m.

I honestly don't know how to explain these feelings.

These feelings I have for those of my own gender.

They say it's wrong, that it's unnatural, but how do I ignore something so powerful,

when it comes so natural to me?

How am I supposed to ignore this?

Am I supposed to go through life alone?

Resenting myself for how I turned out?

Just because I am different from those around me and those in power.

But am I really different?

I still feel pain when I am heartbroken.

My love for my partner is the same as the love my mother and father share.

It is just with someone of the same gender.

But regardless of what people say, we are all the same as straight people.

We all bleed if you prick us.

If you yell insults at us, do we not hear them and get offended?

The truth is we do.

We hear the insults that society slings at us, just because a few individuals or a group of people hate us.

Just because they were programmed to hate us.

For I believe, if they were not programmed to hate us, we could live peacefully.

But the sad truth of the matter is, not everyone is tolerant and accepting.

And because of that horrifying truth, we must get up everyday with our defenses up.

And the all too real possibility that we might not make it home for dinner.

Some radical might decide to play judge and jury on one of us, and they shall not make it home.

Then then next day as the world awakes, someone must be the bearer of bad news.

The news that no mother or father should ever have to hear.

The news that their son or daughter has been murdered.

Murdered for just being different.

How would you feel if you were those parents?

How would you feel, knowing that your child was killed just for being different from the majority?

Would you feel "relieved" because you wouldn't be "shamed" by your child's "chosen lifestyle", as some put it.

Or, as a parent, would you feel what a human being is supposed to feel when they lose their child?

Would you be sad?

Would you be depressed?

Whatever you feel, I hope you also feel love.

Because something so small is no reason to ever stop loving your child.