A poem based on a song I heard many years ago. After recently hearing it again, I felt inspired to write this poem.

I hope you enjoy it.


Through the clouds of petals, that blow softly in the wind

Sounds of mourning can be heard, a widow cries her tears

Sweet perfume surrounds her but no comfort do they lend

For they only bring back memories…from so many years

It was here her lover fought and where he had been killed

Oh, how her heart longs for him, mourning the day he died

Yet every year she returns, feeling her promise still unfilled

Remembering the vows she took when she was still a bride

Sitting so very quietly, cherry blossoms fall upon the ground

Memories will return, remembering for better and for worse

As the sun sets slowly, just the nightingales break the sound

Forever knowing she'll love him, forever knowing no remorse