Whisper to me that I'm beautiful one more time,
though I'm dressed in bare skin again,
scarred and imperfect but oh so lovely
under your always bated gaze;
forget that I'm a ghost in a black wedding dress.

Sometimes I want to spread my arms apart,
reach in impossible directions until I snap,
finally insane and free to fly with broken wings;
they're burned and bloody but still beating
softly like the sound of my heart in my head,
a dull rhythm cutting through my bloodstream.
I'm made of electricity and mistakes tonight.

Broken promises glide across my swollen lips,
pouring over the edge beyond, behind the stars,
while I paint my fingerprints phosphorescent
just so you might see me when I'm six feet gone,
dead but maybe so much more alive than anyone
with glass bones and brittle fingertips to kiss.

Don't you know that you're part of me now,
a little piece of life inside of me, still living?
I'm breathing because you gave me oxygen
just when I thought I would die again;
you told me I couldn't drown today,
there was so much more of me left to give,
but you lied about having nothing to lose
when I realized you meant everything
when you said you were in love with my flaws.