Our happiest days slowly began to turn into dust. The sky before us expanded as we drove onward, welcoming us into Hell. Desolate land surrounds us, barren of life. Clouds barrel overhead, reaching out to prey upon another civilization, silently erasing all hope through precipitation. Even the peaks in the distance looked down upon us with glowering white eyes; whispering death.

While I welcome the warmth of my lover's hand, a cold chill remains in the wind, instigating pessimistic thoughts. I close my eyes to blank the land and escape, knowing full well that the fear would only be enhanced in the dark.

We slow and she embraces me. I open my eyes, but gaze not at our lifeless surroundings, but into her soft brown eyes. It was then that I understood.

While life as you know it may be crumbling down around you, if you find something to smile about, it will never be as terrible as it could be if you were not.