The boy that couldn't age just stared at the tombstone, as cold, wet tears slowly fell from his face. Written in great bold letters on the front of it, were the words: R.I.P. Kelly C. Hayley.

He sighed. Couldn't they at least have the courtesy to write out "Rest in peace"?

Using his sleeve, he wiped the tears from his face, and wiped the mucous that had run from his nose. Kelly had meant everything to him. He had met her in second grade, before he had stopped growing. They became fast friends, and, by the time they had turned thirteen, he thought that he loved her.

Things changed, though, when, as he aged, he still had the body of a fourteen-year-old. After he turned eighteen, she left him, and he was forced to watch her grow older. She eventually found someone else. It hurt him so bad, that he found himself waking up crying most nights. He could still remember being there at her wedding. She had been so happy back then.

Eventually, after many years of happy marriage, Kelly died in her sleep at eighty-seven years of age. Now, he stood there, alone and sobbing. He had nothing. His family had grown old, as well. All of them had died. Following his own tradition, he laid the bouquet of lilies next to Kelly's tombstone, and removed the old, dead flowers. Lilies had always been her favorite, and, even when her husband would forget that simple fact, he had always remembered. He would always remember. Forever.

After waiting, and praying for a few more minutes, he stood. He gave the stone a final glance, then turned, and exited the graveyard, leaving a trail of tears.