Defining friendship

A friend is someone you can trust

That they can get you through mind numbing class.

Someone who pulls you back and stays

When everything else goes astray.

Amiga's are those who guide you through your fear

Standing right below you saying, "Don't worry I'll catch you ;I'm just right here!".

When you're almost lost and can't see far

It just takes one friend to show you where you are.

A friend is always good for a hug

Or maybe some hot chocolate in a mug.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always last long

This happens when the friend's just a clone.

So, I'm taking this chance while it last

I'm not going to let our friendship past.

Defining a friendship is never easy

You might even think I'm a lil' crazy.

Differences does not set us apart

It just shows you're not holding back your heart.

Sharing dreams, hopes and sorrow

Trying so hard not to think of tomorrow.

Journey to journey

Path to path,

Step by step

We've been through a lot.

In you and in me I hope you will find a friend

And a friendship, as clich├ęd as it may sound that will never end.