I found an old piece of me
I found an old memory
Standing silently by a stream
I stepped into a familiar dream

Of silence, of quiet, of men grown still
Of solitude, of thoughts, of winter's chill
When the future stood gold-crowned upon a hill

When green was just a color
Not a state of mind

When the truth was a word
Unstained and kind

I held the fragments tight in hand
As I stepped softly upon the sand

I sent them to another land

Gentle breath and subtle breeze
Sent them flowing through the trees

A soft gauze curtain flows from my hand
Gracing gently water, air, and land

The stream carries what the land does not
And some float still upon the air like thought

Graceful flight ends

As they are carried away by the water's flow,
Slipping silently across land like a river of snow,
I find myself wondering where they will go

As sunset's autumn eases into winter's night
And as the darkness mixes with the moon's pale light
I watch as the pieces of me fade out of sight

And I wonder

Where do dreams go to die?