Somewhere, someone was laughing. He woke in a most comfortable nest of pillows and blankets, some of which purred- wait, what?

His scream shook the walls.

"Oh mother of Christ, I will do anything, just get me out of here alive! Grigori!"

His beautiful most certainly better half waltzed through the door with a tray in his hands and two cigarettes firmly lodged between his teeth. It was such a familiar sight that Leslie couldn't help but smile, even in the face of certain death. Of course, his assistant had never before entered his office gloriously naked as was the case now. On the one hand he was glad for it, he would never have gotten anything done, on the other, well. That needed no explanation.

Grigori set the tray down on the nearby chair and deftly scooped up the diabolical creature, depositing it on the ground before crawling on to it himself. He handed the froofy cigarette to Leslie and turned to lean against the headboard with one leg dangling off the bed.

By the gods, he was indeed glorious. All that toned muscle and just the finest smattering of hair. Leslie burrowed his way under an arm so he could lean against that glorious chest. Perhaps it should be mentioned how gloriously soft that skin was as well, for it was gloriously soft. Leslie absently traced the lines of Grigori's pelvic tattoo. Unsurprisingly, it was of a cat.

"You are such a ninny," Grigori told him fondly.

"I am simply sensitive to forces of darkness," Leslie argued. "And there is nothing you can say that will convince me those creatures are not of demon origin."

Grigori chuckled, pulling him closer with one arm while picking up an enormous mug of tea with his other. "And I am very grateful for your tolerance of my deviancy in consorting with said creatures."

"At least there are less of them."

And there were. Where there had been a pack of them before, Grigori had found homes for all but three of the monsters. Leslie thought it was all for the best, now that they were spending every free moment possible together it was only practical that he be able to set foot in his boyfriend's home without jumping on chairs. It had been an uphill battle, but in the end it had worked out for both of them.

His boyfriend-he never got tired of saying that-held the tea under his nose and he lifted his head to take a sip. It was Sunday afternoon and by his calculations, they had left the bed for a total of four hours ever since Friday. It had yet to become tedious.

The change in their relationship had been ridiculously easy and it made him wonder why they hadn't done it sooner. Oh he knew there were reasons, but there were simply so many benefits to their current arrangement that he couldn't possibly see how two intelligent people had managed to dance around each other for so long. Fine, if he absolutely had to admit it, he could see why he did it. Grigori, however, had absolutely no excuse.

Speaking of Grigori, he had that look in his eyes. Leslie had come to worship that particular look. It usually meant something wonderful was about to happen. And it was, no matter how often they did it. Grigori still kissed him with the same need as ever, still sought to possess every inch of him. The thing with Grigori's kisses, touches, everything really, was that he claimed everything but at the same time surrendered so completely you could hardly fault him for it. He was a possessive bastard-which Leslie completely understood, being one himself-but he gave everything he had in return.

Leslie was slowly starting to think that he would never again be satisfied with less.

A phone rang somewhere in the other room and Grigori pitched a pillow at the door to shut it. Leslie smirked, pinching Grigori's thigh.

"Shouldn't you get that? It might be important. Your fortune might have suddenly tripled."

Somewhere along the line he had finally found out how Grigori had come by his money. His PA did not, in fact, ride the stock market. He didn't have to. He was simply what Leslie liked to call a disgustingly wealthy brat. His family was old money, even if they didn't act it. If Grigori chose not to work another day in his life, it wouldn't matter one whit. It made Leslie wonder why he bothered at all, to which Grigori had answered, "I dislike being lazy."

Grigori swatted Leslie's bum in retaliation. "It's probably Vincent, trying to find you."

Leslie groaned and buried his head in Grigori's armpit, which he quickly decided was not the best course of action. "That man. Oh Vincent, Oh Vincent, I hate you in the springtime, I hate you in the fall, I hate you when you're near, yes, I hate you most of all."

"Don't blame the poor man for your irresistible charm. He can hardly be held accountable for being human," Grigori said lightly.

"You see, I wouldn't, but the problem with that theory is your naive assumption of Vincent's humanity. You see, he has none. He is not homo sapiens sapiens but homo sapiens annoyingus. A different breed entirely," Leslie pointed out.

"And I'm sure that as soon as Thierry removes whatever is stuck up the man's rectum, he will revert to homo sapiens sapiens," Grigori said through his chuckles.

Leslie propped himself up on his arm. "I really don't want to discuss that thing while in bed, if you don't mind."

Grigori carefully set the mug down and stubbed out his cigarette. Leslie had long abandoned his.

His voice was deceptively mild when he next spoke. "You have a better subject in mind?"

Leslie smirked at him. "Yes. The imminent arrival of your mother. If you're quick about it, you can even manage to shower and pick up a bit before she arrives and starts telling you you're living in a den of iniquity."

Grigori jumped up with a startled curse and ran to the bathroom. For such a large man, he sure had an irrational fear of such a tiny woman.

"Damn it Leslie, you could have told me earlier!" he shouted.

"I know, but where would have been the fun in that?" he shouted back, stretching out on the bed, breathing in the scent of the sheets. He was just getting comfortable when a sudden weight on his legs made him sit up fearfully.

"Grigori! Get back here if you ever want to have sex again!"

A loud purr and something which better not have been malicious laughter were his answers. It didn't matter, he thought with a smile. He had plenty of time for revenge. All the time in the world, in fact.