He held me that night,
soothing my tears with whispered lies.
We both knew he'd never be able to love me forever.
He didn't even exist.

She dissolved in tears that night,
broken by the futility of our existence.
She never realized I cried along with her.
I did love her – to eternity and back.

She's in a dream where dreams come true.
He's in a lie where truths are falsities.
Both created a world where only they existed.
They built a love so deep, so beautiful,
so pure,
It destroyed them when they awoke.

When he left, he dug a hole in my heart.
I still see him in my shadow sometimes;
but he vanishes when I wash my pain with tears.
Where is his loving embrace?

When she left, she took a part of me.
I still feel her in my arms sometimes;
but she falls away when I bend to whisper in her ear.
Where are her haunted tears?

Dreams, however realistic, are only dreams.
Lies, however, truthful, are only lies.
He was a part of her imagination;
She was a part of his falsehood.
Did he exist? Did she exist?
Were they really ever in love?