I watch her as she walks like a goddess down the street

I feel the warmth inside

A sudden heat

Will I ever understand this wild stallion I have eyed?

With a face carved out of stone

And a body gifted only to the Gods

Do I have to be so all alone?

Can't I fight? go against the odds?

A vision strikes inside my mind

I picture her on top a hill

Her body clothed in a snow white dress

Her body stands so beautifully still

A beautiful body I long to caress

She turns to me, a smile upon her face

A smile carved with the hands of a God

Her arms open in a wide embrace

I run to her, my feet feel light

I wrap my arms around her, our lips lock

And I know it will be alright

Suddenly the vision fades and I remember the hard block

The block that separates us from each other

She doesn't love me, she loves another

I see him walk up to her, she is smiling

She loves him so

Realization hits me like an evil sting

And I know that I must go

I will never love and never be loved

In this dismal life I walk alone

Always remembering that beautiful dove

And now I walk into the unknown

I am alone

Always alone

Always alone and always will be alone

On this path to the unknown

I am always alone..........