another one-shot. super short one, too. i was sitting on the couch drinking my coffee this morning and it kind of came to me. it's Amelia and Sebastian, though you never see their names. and just for the record, i know that not all Georgia is podunk or backwater. i actually really like Georgia as a state and the places i've been while there will always hold a special place in my heart. especially that waterfall, but i think i'm the only one who really knows about that.

My hands are shaking; my heart is beating so fast it's bound to come right out of my chest. I feel sick – my skin has that hyper-sensitive feel to it that happens whenever I'm getting a cold or the flu. I should have listened to my pillow's call this morning and never gotten out of bed. It's a full moon tonight – could that have factored in? Maybe, I mean strange things always happen around the full moon, and I don't mean like werewolves or scary shit or even PMSing. Maybe if I were still in Podunk-Backwater, Georgia then that's what I would mean, but I'm home, here, so it's not nearly as creepy as that.

Oh no, don't come over here, don't make me talk to you. If I open my mouth I'll see everything I ate today again, maybe even last night's dinner too and that would be worse then the sickening feeling I get whenever we're in a room together. This isn't love, this isn't infatuation, this isn't even lust – this has boarder line infectious disease written all over it and in your blood, buddy. The room is crowded, hell the whole house is full, but you've assaulted my senses and I can't focus on anything else, damn you.

I think my eyes have dilated; every thing looks intense and wonky. Good thing I didn't put my contacts in this morning. My friends are talking around me but I can't hear them over the buzzing, rushing sound between my ears. I think it's the blood draining out of my head – I certainly feel lightheaded enough. My friends aren't noticing what's going on. I haven't said a word since you came in and that was just under twenty minutes ago (yes, I've been counting); I'm fucking vibrating here… I might as well be having a seizure and they're not even batting an eye. It's just as well, I suppose; only Sarah really understands what's going on and it's kind of embarrassing anyway.

Oh thank God – someone who isn't me has caught your attention and you've stopped walking over. This would be the perfect time to escape if I could feel my feet. Sarah will help me… where is she… I can't see anyone but you so I have to wrack my brain to remember who's standing around me… Sarah, Sarah, Bo-Barah… Sarah is… right next to me, how convenient. My left hand catches her sleeve in a death grip and I can't hear what she's saying but I know that she knows because now I'm being propelled towards the exit. Sweet freedom, I can almost smell it. Five more steps and I'll be out the door and able to breathe. Oh no, your eyes are watching me, I can feel them as I stumble; please don't follow me, oh please don't follow me. Two more steps now and I'll be okay, I'll be free of you.

I turn the corner and take a big, gasping breath; air, sweet air. The pounding stops, the vibrating turns into slight after-shock tremors, I can see and hear. I'm outside and away from you. I can walk on my own though my legs are still a little unsteady. Sarah's apologizing about forgetting that you'd be here but I wave it off. I have to learn how to deal with you and my reaction to your proximity eventually. I walk to my car, each step away from you a step stronger, and open the door, sliding in. I'm so thankful to be sitting down that I don't really notice when Mario comes out, asking if everything is alright. Sarah nods and whispers something into his ear. I know she's said you name; I can't hear it but my spine stiffens. Before your name can act as a talisman and summon you into existence, I kiss Sarah , hug Mario and jump back into my car. I lock the doors just as you step outside; I knew you would even if Sarah hadn't said your name. Can't I have a single moment's peace from you?

I make a fatal mistake then, one of the many I've made since I've met you: I look at you, my grey-blue eyes locking with your own soft green. I'm inside my car, twenty or so feet away from you, but I can hear your breathing stop, your heart speed up and feel – I can feel – your body jerk as mine does. My mind turns on to autopilot, making me shift the car into reverse so I can back out. I can't look away from you; my eyes won't let me, so it's a miracle that I don't hit anything. My body turns the car into the correct direction it needs to be in for me to go home, but you're all I see, all I feel, all I know. We stay like that, locked in fleeting eternity, for another full minute before you shatter the spell, break the web that had been spun around us, by taking a step forward. My car shoots off into the dark, leaving you to the encroaching mist behind me, and I know that I'll dream of you tonight.

But I smile – you're just as infected as I am.

tada! i know it's a shortie, but i'm kinda of proud of it. oh, and i totally want to thank Ramenluver. Ramen gave the most absolute review to Famous Okays and i know that i already thanked... him? her?... but i just wanted to do it one more time. speaking of reviews, i'd totally be in debt to whoever reviewed this one. shameless begging? no... not me. ;)