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So yeah.

Antarctica 1814:

"This blizzard's getting worse captain!!" Milo yelled over the rushing snow, they trudged through the thick ground snow. "We need to find shelter!!"

"No! We're almost there!!!" The captain yelled back. They came to a halt before a large cliff face, with large doors set into the sheer rock face of the cliff. Strange writings ran around the boarder of the doors. "Get the translator! Get Rosa!!"

Rosa ran up to the captain, "What does it say?" He asked.

"It's old writing. Very old!" Rosa said as she stared at the writing, "This.... world is home to many strange creatures, friends and foes. But behind these doors lies, in wait, a daemon. A daemon of dark, evil, and unmatched power. It is he who the devil fears." She looked at the captain, "Sir do you think....."

"I don' know what to think Rosa, but first we have to find a way to ge' these doors open." Captain replied.

"Capin'!" One of the crew yelled, "I found somethin'!"

"What ya find Jimmy!?" The captain asked.

"A switch of some kind!" Jimmy replied. He pushed down on it and there was a deafening sound, and the ground shook. "Uh oh." The ground fell out from beneath them. The crew screamed as they fell down a long icy tunnel.

They landed hard on a stone floor. Rosa looked up and gasped "Oh my word."

Large columns of marble ran the length of what seemed to be a large dark hall, tapestries of old hung from them. Great statues of Gods and Devils stood in eternal combat, "Well well well." A cold voice echoed through the hall.

Black flames erupted at the feet of the Devil statues, white from the feet of the Gods, illuminating the hall. Rosa screamed, thousands of dead bodies, skeletons in different armour, littered the blood stained floor, strange cards littered the floor also. At the top of the hall was a large stone staircase, and at the top of them, was a stone throne.

"Well this is the best surprise I have had in over a hundred years." The voice was back, sitting in the throne was a man, clad all in black, long white hair rained down over his face, "Games get boring when the toys break."

"Who the hell are ya!?" Jimmy yelled.

"Apparently you don't read." The man replied, "You annoy me." he smirked. He raised his hand and clenched his fist, a snap followed. Jimmy fell to the floor.

"JIMMY!" Rosa screamed.

"Oops. I guess I broke him." The man spoke in a childish voice.

"What are you?" The captain demanded.

"I am the Daemon Watcher of Mystos. An ancient game played by great warriors and sorcerers. And thanks to you pitiful humans, a new game will begin." He stood, then vanished in a cloud of dust.

"Where'd he go?" The captain asked.

"Behind you." The captain fell to the floor, dead. Rosa watched as the crew fell dead on the floor. The Daemon appeared before her.

"Are..... are you.... going to kill me to?" She asked, shaking in terror.

"No, I won't kill you. I have a use for you, translator." He smirked evilly. "You will help me recreate Mystos." He touched her forehead, darkness engulfed her, when it faded she looked at him, her eyes changed to black.

"What must I do?" She asked.