Part 2:

"Anna get down!!" Zak yelled, Anna hit the deck as the attack flew over her and her unicorn imploded.

"You're out of monsters. And out of life force." The man said.

"Thowra!! Come on leave this wimp." A woman said. The man smirked and they walked away.

"Anna. You okay?" Zak asked , coming to her side. She nodded, and he helped her feet. "We'd better get back to the base."

"What do you think you were doing Anna?!" Emily demanded banging her hand on the hard table in the girl's dorm. "You could have been hurt or worse!!! Imagine what would have happened if Zak hadn't arrived when he did?!"

"I know Emily....." Anna muttered.

"I don't think you do!" Emily replied.

"Says the girl who almost got captured by Raiders." Jasper dropped down from the roof.

"Jasper!! Get out of here!!" Emily yelled. "What do you want?"

"To give you this." He handed her a box. "Came in the speed mail two hours ago." Then he vanished up into the rafters.

"Jerk." She grumbled as she opened the box. "Well I'll be." She muttered.

"What is it Emily?" Lisa asked, as she and Anna came up to her.

"It's from my father in Neo-tech 064." She replied.

"Berlin?" Lisa asked, Emily nodded. "What is it?"

"A holo-message....."