I have walked long and far for you. The path my feet have trodden leaves no reminisce of how I got here. It is still all a blur, how this came to happen. My breath, as though captured from my very lungs, hovers over your head. My heart, as though ripped from my very bones, beats in your constricting hand. How am I to be the victor when you stand there, in my memory, unaware of your own beautiful intentions? But you will know, you will know that you love me, somehow, someday. This one-sided romance will not suffice.

I gather no courage just hope; hope that you will see beyond this broken horizon, hope that you will know that the sun was not once shattered into a million different spectrums, hopeā€¦ for you and I. I would rather not know if you care not for me. Instead, rather, would you just walk away? You don't have to pretend, I won't ask this of you. Yet if you do, if you do indeed care for me, will you walk with me a little further? Just a little further, not too long. Just long enough for me to walk on my own.

And now that I have walked long and far with you, I have reached the end of the path; And here, here is where I shall fall one last time, here is where I shall jump to the highest of heights. If still you stay within my memory then I shall know that nothing may become of this; but if not, if you follow me, I shall know that you too feel the same. And when I do, we shall fall together, bloody hand by bloody hand.

Yet here I stand on one solitary steel beam; the difference, the boundary between life and death. A light breeze pulls my body forward, entwining between my fingers, grasping every fiber on my body; its grasp, its pull is most welcome. The water rises below almost high enough for me to walk upon it with one solitary step and soon I shall. Its turbulent force rushes and I can already feel the current rise above me. And as much as I would love it to, it does not drown me. Oh, how I wish this was different, how I wish that I had never seen your face. Yet still, he above, let alone knows our course and mine is close to its end. Bear in mind, this is entirely my own. And of my consequence, I pray you too shall follow me. For your light whispers still leave me in torment and I shall forever be dying until I fall this one last time.

I do not breathe. I do not love. I do not falter.