Justice Previals

The devils evils
Dwells on
In our purgatorish hell
Justice previals
But not to well
For our freedom has become a joke
Just something in a dream
That all the bad guys gleam
For the worst devils
Have the rights
They see more
Thenwe'll ever see
For rapist go free
With sick glee
To enjoy the freedom
That was ripped away
From his every victim
Murdist Teds
Glisten our streets red
But still justice sets them free
A slap on the back
For their monstrous act
Faker Karlas go on
Like nothing is wrong
When their victims
Will never have that chioce
Or chance
Justice previals
In our purgatorish hell
For the murders whims
No thoughts to their victims
Karlas run free
As Teds enjoy their killing sprees
For what we have
Is nothing close to comfort
On sleepless nights
For our nations for criminals
And to hell with the victims
For freedom isn't for the honest man
Its for the criminals whims