A/N: It's over and it hurts. What more can I say?

This is simply fiction of course.

As she drove along the coastal road she ignored the stinging in her eyes and the churning in her stomach. The familiar smell of seaweed and fresh driftwood came towards her and she breathed in deeply.

She parked the car in the usual spot and got out, leaving her shoes on the seat and walking barefoot through the cold sand.

She observed the rolling waves that reminded her so much of the tears that had fallen on that day, not ceasing even when her eyes ran out of moisture.

The faint glow of the sun across the rippled water rekindled a warmth within her, feelings she hoped she would soon forget. Her spine shivered as she remembered a time when she had walked through these waters hand in hand with another.

The way the waves caressed the sand reminded her of the way he used to hold her. It never lasted very long but still she relished in it.

A translucent diamond formed in the corner of her eye as she watched the wave return to sea, leaving the lonely beach behind to wallow in its solitude.

How ironic it was to see the metaphor of her love life, for she too had been abandoned in much the same way, smeared across this special place, her secret getaway.

Thinking back on how things used to be, she knew it was the compassion that she missed the most. How she loved it when his arms folded around her waist or when his hand caught hers unexpectedly.

She was the kind of girl who loved to be surprised and have her breath taken from her. She was the personification of the common cliché; her heart faltered each time he expressed his love for her.

In some respects it had been this need for verbal confirmation that had turned her into the hopeless romantic she now was and yet, despite the pain it caused her, she didn't regret it. Everything slowed down and the pain ceased when he told her he loved her.

The emptiness she now felt without these 3 little words to hold her together was unbearable. Of course, she had fallen in too deep. Relationships, in her experience, only lasted when the feelings were reciprocated.

It was doomed from the start; she had loved him far too much and far too fast. Why it had ended she wasn't really sure but she knew it was her fault.

Breathing in the familiar smells once again, she continued on her walk along the beach, her memories wrapping around her in protection.

They would have to do for now.

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