Chapter One: Howl Spirit

His silvery, gray eyes peered over his teal face-mounted visor at the cloaked man ahead of him. He could almost feel the warmth of his rune within his claw shaped mechanical arm, as the pale light emitted from it, and flickered out like a candle. An animal shaped fountain lay broken between them. Its waters still pouring out silently. They stood in the middle of a ruined city. Broken windows and ivory covered collapsed buildings were all that remained from a once thriving seaside city.

"You've come for the heart of the city have you? Turn back now! The heart does not belong to thieves like you!"

"What are you? Its guardian?"

The cloaked man snarled from under his hood. A moment passed, then he slipped it off revealing his elderly wrinkled face. "I've kept the heart safe for over forty years. I have fought with many who've come to steal it. I'm not about to lose it to a young whimper snapper like you."

"Give it up old man. By the looks of you, you won't be protecting anything for very much longer."

Taking offence, the elderly man called upon his rune. A deep yellowish glow that shot up and engulfed the old man like an incoming wave. A white staff with an owl sitting at its top floated down from above him. Not hesitating, the old man grabbed it and swung it out in front of him. "Whom do you think you are child? Speaking to me as if I don't have a chance! I'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget!"

Jaidyn tried not to laugh. He zipped up the black coat that covered his entire body, the only thing revealing is his teal outlined boots. "You're weak old man. You're body has become fragile. It's just that your mind hasn't realize it yet."

"Foolish child! I'll show you how to respect your elders! Fly Night Owl, tear him to shreds!"

The yellow light appeared again, this time taking the form of an owl. Out stretching its wings, it cried out with a defying screech. The old man swung his staff vertically giving the owl the signal to attack. Jaidyn smiled at the attempt, he raised his right hand turning it into a fist in front of his face, his rune reacting, waiting for his command.

"Now you die!" The old man shouted. His summoned owl gaining speed and inching closer to Jaidyn.

"If you say so." Jaidyn responded. Raising his fist above him, he shouted. "Howl Spirit!"

The warmth returned once again as his rune took its form. Two mid-length swords with strange carvings on both sides lifted up from underneath the ground and slowly placed themselves into his hands. Quickly putting them against each other in a cross shape, a wolf then appeared beside him.

The owl swooped down for the kill, but Spirit reacted with light speed, taking hold of the owl with his fangs and tossing it aside like a toy. The elderly man's mouth dropped in shock as he watched his owl slam into a building, disappearing into the dust and falling rubble.

"Impossible, how could I be defeated with such a weak move!"

"Because you're weak." Jaidyn quickly answered. Not wasting time, he leaped into the air, landing softly next to the fountain. "I'll be taking this."

Reaching into the open mouth of the animal, his fingers swopped out the purplish stone that laid there for ages. Though small, the price a collector would pay would be priceless. Glancing over at the elderly man who had collapsed on the ground in shame. Jaidyn leaped into the air again, this time landing on top of a building. "Nothing lasts forever in this world old man. It's about time you should move on." With that said, Jaidyn left the elderly man to his thoughts.