He prowled by night, an odious creature, indeed. With his sinister glare and austere posture, one might be paralyzed with fear and sent into a farrago. At first glance, it isn't evident what this man might be, or what he is after. Hitherto witnessing his ferocity firsthand, I wasn't sure either, but all became clear a fortnight ago.

It was dark out, perhaps around midnight. I was standing under the cupola to the front of my apartment building, waiting for a crony to stop by. Now that I think back to it, it was quite the apropos, for just as I began to open the door to reenter the building, I saw a silhouette move in my peripheral vision. Thinking nothing of it, I proceeded to move inside. A few moments later, I heard a piercing shriek, followed by incoherent confusion after I called out, wondering if everything was all right.

I walked quickly and apprehensively past the florid buildings, in time for the holiday season, to investigate whatever had caused such a calamity.

Once I turned the corner, I had to blink twice, maybe thrice, before I could believe what I had seen. A troglodyte stood over the body of a, what I assumed was, an innocent woman. Indignation rose within me along with such a petrifaction that I could no more feel my legs than the hair on my head. The man's eyes burned like a conflagration, his countenance inscrutable.

Suddenly, the once turpitude seemed to undergo metamorphosis and his expression softened. For an instant, I could see a small, apocryphal smile take hold of his mouth, but that soon vanished as he gave up the fa├žade of kindness. Still, I stood in place, not daring to move a muscle, my feet instinctively finding a stringent bond with the ground.

Then, with a short nod, the terrifying being shuffled past me smoothly, doing his best to hide his face. Not well enough, however, for I managed to catch a glimpse of his profile.

I saw that small bead of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth that still sends a shiver down my spine. That same shiver that compels me never to tell a soul about the "unidentifiable murder" that sent the town into a frenzy.

So, before you shoot me in the head for wasting your time...

This was written for an English assigment. We had to use at least 20 vocabulary words from Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. They were all pretty morbid and dark, so the first thing that came to mind was VAMPIRE.

Because even though I stopped with the Twilight fanfiction, I still love the series. Sort of.

So, that basically explains why the words are kind of awkwardly fitted. I might not have used them all right.

Still, I decided to post it, since it was the first piece of writing I've got that didn't come out like a whiny teenager crying out for attention.


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