" Rose is your turn" My english teacher Mr. Rivera said as the other kid from my class whent back to sit down.

"Good Luck" My sister said and I muttered a" Thanks" as I walked up to the front of the class.

"What did you write about Rose?" Mr. Rivera asked

" About Friendship" I said and I looked hisway and our eyes made contact but he quickly looked away.

(A/n: Shes not talking about the teacher but about a guy in her class)

"You may start" The teacher said and I took a deep breath and I did.

"What made our promises fade away

and the memories we have not matter anymore?

I thought time would cure the pain but nothing can change the things I feel

Time passed and the bond we had broke more and more.

Hours turned into weeks and weeks into months and not one word was said in between

It's hard to move on and even harder to get use to.

When I remember you by my side each and everyday.

You took more then your friendship away you took part of my soul .

You were my companion

My friend and my confident

and never did I take you for granted

Remembering all those precious times we had toghether

sends tears to my eyes knowing that's all gone

and that it will never be the same .

I miss the laughs , the tears and the hugs we shared.

But most importantly I miss you and your friendship. "

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