The last bell rang signalling that the school day was finally over, and kids began pilling there way out the exit in order to get to there car.

Sighting I closed my locker and made my way out the doors, after another typicall day at Riverdale High. Just this time he wasnt with me like he always was. Instead he was ahead of me walking with a blond haired girl looking all bored as they made there way to his car. I guess I would be the only one to notice that he was bored since I know him like the back of my palm...well at least I did back then.

I ignored him as he ignored me as I walked by him toward my car.

"Yo Rosalie nice car you got there" Yelled my friend Justin as he made his way towards me.

"Thanks man, You have a nice ride yourself" I said.

" Psh it has nothing on your Lincoln MKZ , plus is not even mine" He said

"Borrowed it again from your dad?" I said putting air quotes on Borrowed.

"Yeah, lets go with that" He said with a smirk.

"Weres your baby" I asked

"Down at the repair center, too many bears" he said shaking his head at the memory

"You know you could have just told my brother he would have it done in a day" I said

"Oh dam, I forgot all about your brother" he said " Were is he by the way? I havent seen him all day, I only saw your sister Melody"

Melody as you know is my little sister shes fifteen years old and is the co-captain in her sophomore chearleading squad. She isnt like most chearleaders shes not a dum bimbo or dum for that matter. Shes actually smart shes taking all Honor classes and getting a high grades like ninedy's and hundreds. Shes really nice to but not the annoying type, I get along with her really well shes the closest friend and sister I have. We always have each others back no matter what.

"He must have skipped" I said shrugging " I really havent seen him either. Hey did Melody tell you if she had chearleading practice today"

" No" He said "Want me to go with you to check with you?"

I nodded and we made our way into the school but stopping for Justing to say "Hi" to him.

"You and Jake dont talk anymore or something?" Justin asked

"Were have you been?" I said " We havent talked in like four months"

"You serious?" He asked

"As serious as a heart atack" I said and we both smilled. Me and Justin were close but not as close as me and Jake were one day. We always had this thing in if one of us said "are you serious?" then the other would say "As serious as a heart attack" I know it was dum but I really didnt care.

"Why not?" He asked

"Im not really shure" I lied and then I heard someone yell out my name and I turned to see who it was.

"I've been looking for you everywhere" My little sisters friend said as she came running toward us.

"Why what happened? Wheres Mel? I asked looking around

"This girl Joan Gallagher and her friends started a fight with Mel I tried to help her defend herself but they hit me too. Shes in the hospital right now" she said breathless

"Joan Gallagher and her friend better watch he freaking back when I see them, cause im going to make them regret they ever messed with her. Im going .... Ugh I dont even know but they will shure hate it"

"Calm down" Justin said putting a hand on my back.

"How can I? My sister is in the hospital because of some bitch"

"What hospital is she in?" he asked her putting an arm around me to calm me down.

"The montefiore hospital" She said

"Let's go" I told Justin and I began running towards the exit..

"Wait can I go too?" Asked Judy as she ran after us

"Yeah,hurry up come on" I said and I ran towards my car with her.

"I'll meet you there have your phone on, Dont worry your sisters is going to be fine." He said loud enough for Jake (who surprisingly hadnt left) to hear as he made his way to his car

"I shure hope so for those girls sakes" I said pissed as I got into my car and began driving away. I turned back to see if Justin was following me and he was but Jake was also following me.

"Put your belt on" I told Judy and she nodded putting it on. I was surprised yet at the same time I wasnt that Jake was following behind, he was after all like a brother to Melody and a very over protective at that.

Rushing to the hospital we made it there in no time, and it took us even less time to get into the hospital since we all ran to the main desk.

"Excuse miss" I said to a very dressed up person behind the desk

"Yes, How may I help you?" She asked with a sweet smile on her face.

"Can you please tell us were Melody Garcia is?" Jake answered before I could even open my mouth to speak

"One second please" She said and when to her computer to type something in, probably the information that he had just given her.

"Oh shes in room 5A-12" She said

"Thank You " I said and we were about to go , when she stopped us.

"Im sorry only family members are allowed" She said

"We are her sisters" I told her including Judy in with me.

"Yeah and im their brother" Jake didnt surprised me much of him since I knew that already but what really surprised me was that he actually touched me. He hasnt done that since we stopped talking back in august 5,2008(yeah I still remember the date and the time it was exactly four in the afternoon). It was such a small guesture yet so big at the same time.

"And Im her cousin" said Jason but it sounded more like a question then a statement.

"Well Im sorry only two can go in" She said

"You should go Rose your her sister and Jake you too your like her brother" Jason said " I'll wait with Judy here"

I didnt wait for Jake's response when I began to make my way toward my sisters room but soon enough he caught up to me.

"You know who did this to her?" He Talked. Omg he's talking to me breath in out in out.

"A girl from 11th" I said calmly even though I shure as hell wasnt I was leeping of joy he was talking to me but angry at the same time because my sister is in the hospital "Joan Gallagher"

"Ah" He said " I've heard of her but I though she would be to scare to mess with your sister since everyone knows how you are"

"How am I?" I said a little defensive

"I didnt mean it too sound bad" He said a little taken back by my response" I just mean , since you dont let anyone harm you or your family and when you get payback you can act like a real bitch" He said

"Umm..Im not shure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult " I said still taken back that we were having an actual conversation.

"A compliment of course" He said grinning and I couldnt help but smile back but like always I had to go an mess up everything.

"Why are you even talking to me?" I asked openning my big mouth." You did after all say you never wanted to speak to me again"

His grin was quickly wipped off of his face and he showed no emotion when he started to say " I didnt..." But I quickly said

"You know what I dont care, I just care that my sister is fine" I said and I walked ahead of him. Half of me didnt want to know what he was going to say to me and the other half did but I was too scared to confront things so I did what I usually do best I walked away.

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