I see them in my windowpanes
The faces of my fears
Ever-changing, morphing, growing
Getting worse o'er all the years

They slither in my walls
Made solid by my mind
In my clothes, under my skin
Where I look, I find

Their jaws,
with razor instead of tooth
gobbling down the only truth
eyes filled with what's uncouth
feeding on my inner youth!

I hear this screaming in my ears
Perverse, reverse, adverse cheers
The world all but disappears
leaving me with naught but fears

I realize the screaming is just me
My eyes are gone, I cannot see
I let out the smallest plea
For the Paranoia to let me free

It just laughs in my face
carries me in its cold embrace
lets me go, then gives chase
gives me memories I can't erase

It speaks in its thousand voices
gives me one of two last choices:

"Let the Paranoia in
or all of this begins again.."