Is This Necessary?
By Starry

This was written after an episode with the seventh-grade members of my youth group at church. The little pixies would not freaking shut up about their lives. One in particular was rather loud about it. And it made me angry. I was like, "Your trivial matters may seem important to you and your friends, but the rest of us don't care, so keep it to yourself." She bothered me, and it ended up as a not-very-rhyming poem.

You're young, you're loud
Sure, you don't know any better
You're obnoxious, you're blunt
But darling, it's not all about you
Think before you speak
You've heard the saying before
Now let's act upon it
Really? Do I need to treat you
Like you're a first grader?
I don't mean to be brutal but
Shut up, the whole damn world
Doesn't answer your beck and call
No one really cares that much
About who said what to whom and when
Why do you feel the absurd need
To broadcast yourself to the public?
Do you really require every person's
Undivided attention to suit your
Pitiful self-esteem?
Really, is this necessary?