Under a Full Moon it Began

This is my debut story so please bear with me! Thank you very much!

Under a Full Moon it Began

"Are you ready for that walk, Father?" a sixteen-year-old girl asked while holding out her hand, waiting for the man to take it. He looked at the girl as if seeing her for the first time. Apparently, he was deep in thought until hearing her voice woke him up from his reverie.

"Father…" the girl doesn't mind, it seems. She is not worried and is very indulgent of her father.

The man smiled and took the girl's hand. His eyes were softening with love and in his mind are thoughts of his daughter. And he felt at peace just gazing at her.

He stood up. "Yes, let us go on that walk. The weather is good and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, their petals floating in the breeze."

The two started off hand in hand, feeling peaceful and contented.

"It is you who needs the walk more than I, Father," she said with barely hidden amusement.

"You eat so much of Mother's cooking it is a wonder how you keep your form, seeing as you seldom walk." The father chuckled.

"What a very observant girl my daughter is!" And looking at the river beside the road, they both laughed uncontrollably until they lay by the riverside, spent and at peace.

But then, the girl noticed that her father brought along his katana, a weapon used by warriors to protect, but more often than not, to kill

"Why have you brought along your katana, Father?" she asked without alarm, but with such sweet innocence the father finds endearing and refreshing for a change.

"You see, my dear," he began with patience that can only be obtained through discipline and the experience of being a father.

"I am taking a walk with my precious jewel of a daughter, and the sun is at the position signaling the beginning of nightfall. My bringing a weapon is for protection against beings that may or may not be lurking in the shadows."

He looked at her and was happy to see understanding lighting up her face. And he added, as though an afterthought, "Else I wouldn't be a good father."

"Now come, Miho. Night shall son fall and we must be off."

"Yes, Father," and they stood and started for home.

Midway home, the father recalled something he should have done awhile ago. And Miho, seeing him stop, did so as well- and peered at him curiously. When she saw him take out something from the inside of his sleeves, her heart skipped a beat.

The father's eyes were shining with half anxiety and half excitement as he gazed at his daughter. In his hands is a velvet case. And just by looking at his eyes, the daughter knew that her father is afraid that she might not like his present. So she gave him a reassuring smile and he looked a little comforted.

"Miho, I have something of yours that I should have given you a while ago. I guess I really am getting old since I had forgotten." He extended his arms a little, opened the case, and Miho saw it in full view.

Inside was a comb. A small comb studded with pearls and colorful gems. Miho covered her mouth with hand but was not able to completely stifle an 'oh'. She gazed at her father with tears in her eyes and it was clear how deeply she was touched. And the comb was even more beautiful as the light from the setting sun touched its gem-adorned structure, reflecting a rainbow-colored brilliance on the wall by the cobbled street where they stood.

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