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Ten years later:

So many things have changed since the night of the Full Moon Festival celebrated with Sora's welcoming celebration. The young boy of that time has matured so much as the years passed. He grew taller, his shoulders widened, his muscles developed well, and his formal education has ended. His blossoming love for his patron, his leader and master, grew as well. The young ninja girl he met at the time when he made the choice to steal from their rations has grown older, more beautiful than ever before – a flower in full bloom.

Miho stood outside her tent looking at what used to be her camp ground for these few years. But from this day they shall move to the nearest city, making it their base for intelligence gathering. That city, according to her sources, is the most frequented place of the members of a sinister group. Seeing Aoi pass by with the last of their packed things, she called out to her.

"Aoi," she called. The woman stopped and turned to face her master, bowing respectfully.

"Yes Miho-sama? Is there something you need?" Aoi asked.

"Have you seen Sora? I need him to help me pack our tent and carry his own things once we leave," Miho answered, as small frown on her otherwise flawless face.

Aoi looked hesitant to answer, which Miho immediately took notice of. "What is it Aoi? Did he do something wrong again?"

"No Master," Aoi was quick to deny. "It is just, Sora has – left with a few of our men to… visit the uh, town." Aoi looked away from Miho's direct gaze.

"I see," their leader replied, her tone of voice hinting that she knew where Sora and some others went of to. "They went to the brothel again, did they not? That Sora…" Miho sighed, massaging her temples tiredly. And to think that young man was the loudest to voice his protests when he found out about the plan a week ago. That night, she told her men of her plan – to set up a fake brothel within a real brothel with some of their women, including herself, to disguise as one of their 'merchandise'.

Sora was furious and wouldn't talk to her for two days after. On the third day he was still sulking. But he stopped being silent and began talking to Miho once again. "This does not mean that I approve of your plan, you know," Sora had said then. And he promptly appointed himself her protector in case an unruly customer decided to force himself on her. Now he's been frequenting their undercover base, sampling "earthly delights". Yet he claims he's only studying how everything works so he can blend in easily.

Miho sighed again and smiled faintly upon seeing Aoi's worried gaze. "He really has grown up, has he not?" Aoi nodded in agreement, not saying anything lest she divulge Sora's obvious love for his patron. "Aoi, finish your duties quickly. Then have Genji fetch Sora and the others. Come help me with my tent once you see him off. We leave by nightfall."

"Yes, Miho-sama," Aoi bowed and followed her orders immediately.

The sun began to set and Sora, accompanied by Genji, arrived just as Miho and Aoi finished the last of the packing. Miho walked towards the young man, a stern look on her face. She handed him his sack with all his belongings neatly placed within, and saw his sheepish expression. Then she noticed that she was looking up to his face and she was once again reminded that Sora is no longer a child though she was not much older than he.

"How did your studying go?" she asked softly and was satisfied at the look of guilt that crossed his face. He only sighed neither gloating nor waiting for an answer and she gently cupped his cheek, caressing the contours of his manly face with the pad of her thumb. "For the third time today I am reminded of your growth. You have far exceeded the training I gave you and quickly caught up with everyone else who trained far longer than you." She noticed Sora's blush and attributed it to being praised, which was not the case of course. "And you just had your coming-of-age ceremony a few weeks ago. Look at you now, partaking in the pleasure of the flesh. Time has indeed flown by quickly and I only just noticed how tall you have become." At this her lustrous eyes shone with tears as she looked to Aoi, hand still placed on Sora's cheek.

"Is this what a mother feels when she had the pleasure of seeing her child all grown up, Aoi?" she asked her right-hand woman. All traces of red disappeared on Sora's face and he gaped at the words. Genji snorted behind him, and Aoi was struggling not to laugh.

"Yes, master. I would imagine so," Aoi managed o say without breaking into a laugh.

"Ah, well," the young leader just said. "Come, Sora. Go eat your supper then we can erase all traces of our inhabiting this place and move to our base," she spoke to him, patting his cheek and pushing him to where the others are already partaking their meal.


Luka is now walking the brightly lit streets of town, his not-so-young apprentice looking around in awe with him. This is one of the rare times when he would bring Riki along and have a relaxing day amid the hustle and bustle of town. Now though, he brought the young man with him so that he can experience for the first time the services a brothel can give a man. Come to think of it, he has not come here at all to see Sayuri these past few years. He would just spend his time with Riki, attending festivals, eat in small shops and sometimes play a few games. He has become a celibate man it seems. He'll just have to see if this is still the case after tonight.

O * * * * * O

The campfires have been put out and covered in fresh soil. The whole campground has been cleaned thoroughly of their inhabitance. Now all of them are swathed in dark clothing to better blend in among the shadows. They are awaiting orders from their beloved master who now stood, head tilted up gazing at the moon. "Ah, the moon is as lovely as ever," she said to no one in particular. Miho switched her gaze from the heavens to her army. "The time has come once again. We shall enter discreetly in small groups. Upon entering, keep to the shadows and change clothes. Then you can make your way to our base looking like normal town folks. Understood?"

All of them bowed their heads down, as hey were already kneeling on one knee, and a chorus of "Yes, Miho-sama," rang aggressively in the air. "Very well. You know your groups and you know in what order you leave. Sora, Aoi, and Genji shall come in last with me. Dispatch!" The first group disappeared from their spot, leaping into the trees, making their way towards the town in lightning speed. Miho permitted a five-minute interval before dispatching the next group.


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