Little people hopping around

That you do not even see

You could see them if you wanted to

But instead you let time flee

It is alright though, they do not need you

They have fun on their own

They laugh and dance and skip and sing

And you do not even know

You are too caught up in worries

Too afraid of beating the drum

Too worn out and too busy

To let yourself in on the fun

You miss out on adventures

And you're missing good people to meet

You could stop missing out on the goodness in life

If you could stop stirring your feet

Don't you see you've mixed it all up?

Have you forgotten the joy?

Stop burying yourself in nonsense slush,

View the world as a little boy.

You deem odd things important

Have you forgotten how to breathe?

Look at this freedom that you hold

Do not make it harder than it needs to be

You do not want to be boring, do you?

You silly, silly man

Re-evaluate this life

You hold here in the palm of your hands