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My name is Riley Graham and I live with possibly the most gorgeous specimen of the male species ever created, Garret Calligan. He never paid any attention to me, despite the fact that we've been living together for the past three months. That was true at least up until two days ago when he saw me naked. Okay so here's what happened:

I was getting out of the shower and as I'm reaching for my towel I hear the light sound of what sounded like clothes being dropped. Naturally I look up and instead of finding a closed, and supposedly locked, bathroom door I see Garret standing there, his unnaturally green eyes wide and his mouth agape. Apparently he was in shock over my very (what I think is) averagely built body, which I kind of hide behind baggy clothing. So I grab my towel, to cover my nudity, and the closest solid object, my shampoo bottle, and I throw it at him while shouting "Get out you pervert!" He then woke up from is shock educed coma and practically ran out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. I then shouted "Learn to knock! ...Perv." I mumbled that last part.

Being my modest self am still completely mortified and instead of him keeping his distance, like normal, he's following me around the apartment and asking me if I want to sleep with him. Trust me I thought about it because what girl wouldn't want to sleep with him, but I don't want to be used so I keep telling him no.

Now you lovely readers probably want to know why Garret isn't here pestering me now, right? Well he's not home yet. So I'm sitting on the couch attempting to read but my thoughts keep going back to what happened two days ago. I hear the door knob moving, so I look up at the wall clock, 8:45pm. Wow, he's home later than normal.

"Hello gorgeous." He greets me as he walks through the door, flipping his chin length black hair from his face, and then giving me a lust filled smirk. Pervert.

"Yeah, whatever" I return in monotone voice, still looking at my book. I don't want him to know that I actually like his complements, because they all have a motive.

"Oh come on Riley" He decides to sit next to me on our ironically named loveseat, which sees no love. "I know you like it; I've seen you gawking at me."

I sat up a little straighter and stopped pretending to read and decided to lie "No". Crap, I'm blushing. Well it's not my fault that he has a nice body and walks around shirtless.

He smiled at my sorry excuse of a lie and said "I think you should know that I've been attracted to you since-"

"You saw me naked?" I guessed. I mean no one can like you and ignore you at the same time, right?

"No." He gently grabbed my chin and turned my head so I would have to face him. "Though that did help me realize it," He then looked straight into my ice-blue eyes "but it was actually the day I moved in."

Psh, like I'm really going to fall for that "You're still not getting into my pants."

"But I've already seen you naked!" He's actually whining right now. I swear he acts like he's twelve not nineteen.

"That's not the point." I started looking at my book again, once again pretending to read; even though I could see him from the corner of my eye.

"Then what is?"

"That you're not going to sleep with me."

"But sleeping isn't involved… although we could try it." He said smirking. God he's sexy when he does that. No; bad thoughts. Bad thoughts.

"I am not having sex with you" I slammed my book shut and began to walk towards my tiny bed room.

"Yet anyways." His comment made me stop and turn around slowly to face him.

"You're very persistent you know that." I crossed my arms over my chest, not for the affect, but because the look he was giving me made me uncomfortable.

"And you're very stubborn." He got up began to walk seductively towards me. Crap. I started walking backwards and to the right so can quickly escape into my room.

My back was soon pressed against my door. He smiled, probably thinking he had me trapped so he could play hockey with his tongue and my tonsils. Haha, boys are really stupid when they're horny.

Garret began to lean in slowly and my breath caught in my suddenly dry throat. At that moment I actually wanted him to kiss me but I don't want to win. So I put hand on the door knob and turned it. Before knew it I was slamming my door in his gorgeous face and laughing as I heard him cussing in pain.

I heard him walking away mumbling "Damn, I was that close." And so I laughed a little more and decided to go bed and read in here. Since if I left my room I would be groped and mauled.

You're probably wondering why I would do something so terrible, right. Well, I'm trying to protect my unpopped cherry from my roommate turned sexual predator. I think you would do the same thing too if all he wanted from the female species was a romp between the sheets. Yes, in other words Garret Calligan is a man whore, what do you expect from someone as sexy as him?

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