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For the past three days, every time Garret and I are alone together, which seems like all the time now, we cannot stop touching each other. However, we stop before we do anything that involves going beneath the underwear, mainly because we are interrupted by various things. Because of how we never finish what we start, I get nervous and he wants to "protect my virtue", so I now know the true meaning of sexual frustration.

The good thing is he is suffering too. I know because he has gone back to sleeping in his own room for fear of molesting me while I'm sleeping, which is a very good thing…I think.

Anyways right now I'm unlocking the front door, happy to be home after a long day at school and working at the book store. After I walk in the door, a hard body is pressed into mine and I'm shoved into the wall next to the door.

Garret's lips are soon on mine and his mouth begins doing incredible things to my own. I drop my things on the floor as he takes off my jacket and then I put my hands in his hair to bring him closer so our kiss could be deepened.

His hands begin running all over my body and then he grabs my thighs and lifts me up so that they wrap around his waist. I felt his erection through our clothes and as he rubs our bodies together, I start moaning. He groans at the noises I'm making and his lips move from my mouth and down my neck.

I'm pulling off his shirt when suddenly there is a knock on the door, so I start to push Garret away.

"Ignore it, they'll go away eventually." I thought he was right until the "they" in question started to speak or should I say yell.

"Riley! Open up, it's your mother and I know you're home." She said pounding on the door.

"Son of a bitch" I cursed and then Garret lifted his lips from my neck. "If you don't put me down in a second she'll come bursting through the wall like a rabid, pissed off Kool-Aid man."

Garret chuckled "Really?" he said with wide hopeful eyes that said really wanted to see what I described.


"Riley Elizabeth Graham!" she yelled again

Uh oh she is pissed…this should be fun.

"I'm coming!" I snapped.

"That's what she said" Garret said with a grin and put me down.

"No, that's what you said." I replied with the same type of grin referring to what happened a couple nights ago.

"Hey not cool" He said with a frown.

I laughed and turned to open the door.

"Good evening mother." I said coldly.

"Yes, good evening" she said as she saw Garret and started looking him up and down in malice "and who is this?"

Garret smiled and held out is hand for her to shake "I'm Garret Calligan, pleased to meet you." I almost laughed.

My mother just looked at his hand and then ignored it "So you're the boy who is defiling my daughter."

"Well I try." He said I think trying to shock her. And succeeded because her faced turned beat red as she took off her coat and sat down, torturing our couch under her weight…again.

As I was trying to hold back my laughter, I began to say, "Mother he's not a criminal, he's my roommate-"

"And her boyfriend" He finished and I just turned and looked at him in my own state of shock and he just smiled and then said "Mrs. Graham, would you like to stay for dinner?"

Well this is going to be a long night.

"Yes I would, so I can get to know the boy dating my child." I swear every time she says "boy" it sounds like she is insulting him.

Before "my boyfriend" could say anything more I quickly said "Wonderful, make yourself at home mother" and dragged him off to the kitchen.

"You're handling her well." I whispered as soon as she turned on the television.

"I remembered you said that she was…unpleasant, so I'm trying to be nice." He whispered back and opened the fridge.

"Then did you mean the boyfriend comment you made?"

"Damn straight" He said as he pulled a pizza out of the freezer.

I smiled and looked up to find my mother staring at us and as soon as averted my gaze I felt Garrets lips on cheek. "You did that on purpose because she was looking." I accused.

"Maybe, maybe not" He smiled and then kissed my lips.

Instinctively I gave in and deepened the kiss but it didn't last long because I heard a throat clearing in the background and we broke apart to turned and look at her.

"I would appreciate it if you wouldn't start defiling my daughter while I'm in the room young man." My female parental unit said angrily.

"Oh, my bad, I'll be sure to keep that in mind and drag her off to another room and do it." He said wrapping his arm around my waste.

After an hour of eating and my mother grilling us about our lives and Garrets background she finally snapped.

"Riley I will not allow you to cavort around with a boy who's the heir to his families' air conditioning business!" my mother yelled.

"Correction, I said a chain of air conditioning stores and my two older brothers are the heirs not me 'cause I'm going to-"

"I don't care. I forbid this relationship and you're coming home with me tomorrow." She huffed.

"Mother, I'm an adult you can't tell me who I can and cannot date and daddy won't let you drag me back." I shouted back.

"She's right Mrs. Graham, she can make her own decisions and so can I. I want you out of our home right now and I don't want you to come back." Garret said as he walked over to open the door.

"Fine then, Riley you know the consequences for his actions as well as yours." She said as she grabbed her coat and left, slamming the door.

"What are the 'consequences'?" Garret said closing the door.

"She's going to try to cut me off, but I don't use that much from my parents besides tuition and my dad won't let her. And thanks for backing me up when she started bitching."

"I enjoyed kicking her out, and why is she such a bitch anyways?"

"To be honest I have no idea."

Suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered after putting it on speaker.

"Hi Riley" said my father's voice.

"Hi up?"

"Did your mother just leave your apartment?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Was she angry?"

"Yep, how did you know?"

"There was a disturbance in the force."

Garret and I both started laughing.

"I should have known oh great Jedi master." I said jokingly.

"Do not mock my powers young padiwan. Once you're married you'll start to develop them."

"Dad you're weird."

"Sorry Riles but I'm getting a business call. I'll talk to you later and I'll try to reign her in next time" And then the line went dead.

"So you never explained to me how come your dad is ok with me living with you?" Garret said suddenly while walking over to me.

"He knows that I know how to defend myself and he has a private investigator friend who did a background check on you." I said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped mine around his.

"Hm, I think I should remember that so when I have daughters I can make sure their not with randy guys like me." He said grinning and then tilted his head so he could press a light kiss to my neck.

My eyes drifted shut "Randy huh?"


He then pulled me into him so that our bodies were touching. Then his lips started trailing up my neck to my ear where he nibbled my ear lobe before saying "You know I think I should be rewarded for dealing with your dragon lady of a mother."

"You do, do you?"I replied as he started to trail kisses back down my neck.

"Mmhmm" his hands then went up my shirt to rest on my hips, half on my skin and half on my pants.

That's when I slid my fingers through his hair and dragged his face up to mine so that our lips could touch.

The kiss was intense but short-lived. Mainly because I cut it short and pushed him away. "Then come and get it." I said before turning and trying to run to my room.

He quickly caught my arm and spun me back so that was facing him again. His strong arms hauled me into him once again and we were soon continuing the kiss from before. He immediately started walking us slowly, since I was going backwards, to my room while groping each other through our clothes.

The back of my legs finally hit the edge of my bed, he broke the kiss with his hands at the bottom of my shirt "Someone should seriously burn these baggy clothes you insist on wearing", and then my shirt was coming up over my head and shortly tossed across the room. I laughed at the phrase I have heard so many times but never in a situation like this, then took off his shirt, and threw it in the same direction as mine.

As soon as my hands touched the bare skin of his stomach, he groaned and his lips were on mine again and we were tumbling back on to my bed.

Garret was on top, his forearms on each side of my head to keep his weight off me, and grinding his hips in a circular motion against mine; I soon got his pace and started grinding back. My hands, which were entwined in his hair, started roaming his muscular, well-sculpted back.

Eventually, my hands ended up on his butt and I pushed on it and arched my back, so the friction intensified and his full weight was on me, causing us both to moan. My hands weren't there for long though because he got the hint and I went back to feeling up his back.

One of his hands was soon traveling slowly down my side, only stopping once to gently knead my left breast through my bra. I moaned and arched my back increasing the pressure of his touch. His hand was soon on the move again as I felt his searing touch on my bare stomach and then on my jean clad leg, stopping again at my knee so he could lift my leg and then hook it around his hip.

The lower halves of our bodies got even closer and we stayed like that for a while, using our tongues to explore each other's mouths and hands to explore each other's bodies.

After a while, I just couldn't control my sexual frustrations any longer and I managed to flip us so that was now on top. I lifted myself so that I was straddling his hips and my hands were on his strong chest, holding myself up.

I broke our kiss so I could sit up. For a second I just sat there staring at him, listening to our panting breathes. Our gazes locked and then I smiled mischievously at him and he smiled back, so I reached up for my bra clasp, which was in the front today.

His hands went straight to my breasts and stayed there as if to try to stop me "Whoa, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Okay, I know what you're doing, it's just I don't know if you should."



"Actually, I don't wanna know, so too bad." I batted his hands away and proceeded to take off my bra.

After I had thrown it across my room, I turned and looked at him. He was completely still and his eyes were wide, it was as if he was in shock.

Suddenly, I heard him growl, like actually growl, like some rabid, in this case horny, beast and then he flipped us back over.

He was kissing me again, but this time both my legs were wrapped around his hips and both our chest were bare, causing my nipples to harden. The new sensation made me gasp and made him groan. His hand once again trailed down my side and stopped at my breast again.

His index finger circled my nipple and hardened it further. Then, his palm covered it and gently started kneading my breast without my bra in the way this time.

Soon, his kisses were trailing down my and chest to my other breast. He stopped for a second to stare and wicked grin at me, just before he licked my nipple.

I gasped and then moaned as he did it again and then again just before his mouth closed over the tight bud and started sucking and swirling his tongue around it.

"Oh my God. Garret." I gasped.

"God or me Riles, pick one." He said with a smirk and briefly stopping that wonderfulness.

I smacked his shoulder in response to that and said "Don't you dare say kinky" with a glare.

"Okay fine" he said just before switching breasts.

After a while, he stopped and started kissing my lips again. Then, I felt one of his hands move hesitantly toward the button of my pants.

To assure him I moved my hands to the button of his pants and we started to undo one another's jeans. As I was undoing, his I broke our kiss and breathed, "Only touching" in his ear before nibbling his ear lobe and he nodded before getting up.

He got off my bed and just stared at me a little bit, fascinated, before grinning and pulling his pants and socks down and off, revealing a white pair of boxer briefs. Then, he grabbed my pants by the ankles and pulled them off to show my royal blue boy shorts underwear that did match my bra. He took a few deep breathes before getting back on my bed and on top of me.

"What was that all about?" I said wrapping my legs and arms around him.

"Control" he said with a shaky breath.

"It's ok, I trust you." I said and placed a light kiss on his lips, which he deepened.

The friction down there started again and it felt even better. His hand soon traveled down my body and stopped between my legs. He lightly touched me outside my underwear and I tried arching into it, but not very well.

That's when he moved my underwear to the side and one of his fingers touched my sensitive flesh. I gasped and he groaned as his finger slowly went inside me and then back out to touch my um…nubbin.

I let out a long moan and tried moving with his touch but was to blind with pleasure to do it. His finger then delved back inside right as his lips met mine and we started kissing again, his tongue mimicking what his finger was doing.

One of my hands started trailing down his body, stopped at his member, and cupped it outside his boxers. He groaned and pushed into my hand, so I moved it up and down a bit and then put that hand in his underwear.

He was just barely too wide for me to wrap my fingers around and I realized as I tried stroking him that he's about 7 inches long. I stopped my movements and so did he.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" he asked concerned.

"No, it's just I think you might be a…beast…down there" I stuttered out.

He smiled "Thanks"

"Tell me what to do with it."

"You were doing fine, just don't stop"

I nodded and we both started again.

I soon got him making just as many noises as I've been but I suddenly stopped when my whole body started to tingle and tense up in pleasure as I loudly moaned into his mouth. At that moment, I knew I just had an orgasm for the first time.

He slipped his finger out of me and started touching my nubbin again, I started to feel that wave of pleasure again but this time I kept stoking him as I came, my grip tightened a little bit on his shaft, and I felt it twitch.

His fingers left me and he pulled my hand away from him as he came into his boxers with a loud groan.

He collapsed to the side of me and me close to him so my head was resting on his chest.

We just laid there for a moment, basking in the pleasure of it all. That is until my phone started ringing.

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