We've learned to hide our humanity
In the sweet coiling embrace of technology

Fueling the raging fire of distance between us
By piling on social addictions, manifesting personal afflictions
We see and seek sameness, recreating and perpetuating
The maddening white noise of mediocrity drowns us

I am sick of being the only one brave enough to speak out
I am sick of seeing my brothers and sisters succumb
Lying down to die in the ashes of our Father's legacy

Poisoned minds have become the norm
Spewing out internal infections shaped like words

Words like wounds
Growing gardens of complacency
Of tolerance
Of conformity

Black, twisted weeds grow here
Farmers pass them off as a bountiful harvest
They have beauty competitions
To see whose crop best masks its disease

We should be burning the crops
We should be tearing up the ground
And scorching the soil with salt

Land that should be barren earth bears bitter seeds
That spread their poison deep into our collective heart
And the distance between us grows still

I am reduced to the dirge of the revolutionary
When I seek only unity and clarity
Amongst a maddened crowd
Feasting on bile, and blood, and broken dreams

Society is a magnifying glass
Ours is focused on insecurities
Greed, selfishness, mindless apathy, social decay
These are what dwell in us now
We spend all day denying it,
Telling ourselves how much worse our neighbors are
We spend all day hiding from our true reflection

We are building our lives around festering sores
As our country gradually becomes an open wound
And the only antiseptic I have left is truth

We live in a gray world
Where little gray women meet little gray men
And live little gray lives
And speak little gray words
Everything blends together
And all we are left with
Is a pulsing, writhing, colorless mass
Of mediocrity and despair

I speak in black and white
And I shall suffer not the illusions of our time to live
So long as I draw breath.