Reid is so funny. He didn't buy chains and now he feels guilty. But I'm glad. Not that we can't get back and forth to work, but it's nice to know that he's fallible. And that if we had to be stuck, that we are stuck together instead of apart like normal. He even bought me new socks. I've decided not to feel guilty about all the money he's spent on me. I think I might be giddy. I know I'm not myself.

He walks a few steps behind me. I hold out my hand like a king and he takes it gratefully. I let him steer me to our destination. I like that he won't tell me. When he gets controlling, I feel powerful. I know he is doing it for me. I squeeze his hand briefly and he stumbles. Not enough to make us fall, but enough that I know my effect on him. I can't wait to get where we are going.

We stop at a hotel and Reid orders us cocoa. The mug is hot in my cold hands. I ignore the fact we could have had cocoa for free at the café. Let him spend his money on me. Today I feel worth it. I touch the back of his hand as it rests on the table and that startle him. Blood rushes to his face. I stroke his fingers. His eyes widen. He is mine. He turns his hand over and I caress his palm. He is mine. I don't care who knows it.

I flirt outrageously with Reid when the waiter passes our table. I'm bundled up, so he probably thinks I am a woman. Reid likes the attention, but he keeps looking around like he's waiting for the punch line, or looking for the camera. I stretch my arms and stifle a pretend yawn. Reid is on his feet. "Come on."

I didn't see him pay, but he must have. Instead a leading me back into the night, we take the elevator. Maybe we will look at the city from an upper floor. He opens a door on the seventh floor with a key card. He couldn't have got us a room, could he?

The suite is beautiful. The sitting room is luxurious, the bed room is decadent, and double doors lead to a huge bathroom. Reid fiddles with some knobs by the giant tub, full of steaming water. "They just filled it. We can keep the water warm as long as we want."

I follow him into the bedroom where he takes off his coat and scarf. "We're staying here?"

"Happy birthday."

I pout. "My birthday is in July."

He grins. "We can come back then if you like."

"It will be even more expensive during the summer."

"So," he says, tugging my coat from my shoulders. "We had better enjoy it now."

I pretend like I don't want to agree, but he knows me too well. Still he is shocked when I take off all my clothes and walk naked into the bathroom. I climb into the tub. It is just a little too warm for my cold toes. "I expect you to scrub my back."

He turns away, but I can see his grin in the mirror. He takes his clothes off slowly. I enjoy the strip tease while pretending to ignore him. These mirrors have their uses. He climbs in behind me and dunks his body under the water. When he sits up, water runs down his face. He dries it with a cloth. Then he lathers up his hands and cleans me. I stand before him, playing the role of nobleman; he is my servant. Or maybe my slave. I breathe slowly to keep my body from responding to his touches. He knows my trick. The longer I hold out, the sooner he loses it. I want him to lose control first.

He steps away, now that I am clean head to toe. I take the cloth from him. I have barely finished washing his shoulders when he lets out his first moan. By the time I'm done with his chest, he's purring. I love that sound. I let him know with my hands. Soap is nice and slippery, but this is a fancy hotel. They have oil. I put it to good use. Reid won't be able to walk tomorrow. He might not be able to get out of the tub. The water is nice and warm and we haven't even turned on the jets.

We are alone together for the first time in ages. Maybe I won't let him sleep tonight. We'll see.