The Beginning.

The Cold winters snow covered the vast valley of faeries. They lived life differently from humans, but at the same time- the same way. They went to school like humans, ate, and sleep like humans. And so on.

Unlike humans, faeries can fly. With the ability to fly comes responsibility. Be careful not to get them caught in a tree, or a tall flower. Be sure that humans don't know of your existence, because wings gave off that sort of glow. And be sure number one: You know of the Sealed wing legend.

A long time ago, there was a legend of faeries. Two different type of wings appeared one day on a boy and a girl.

The girls wings were a bright and beautiful pink, the markings usually on a faeries wing was a small dot, but on these wings there were twirls and ancient markings on them.

The boys wings were spiked at the edge of it's tip. A very dark crimson red glow came from his wings, meaning he was also different.

Normally wings would only give off the glow of yellow or a dark blue. But this was different and people were so greatly concerned for the children, they split them up.

Later on, the people realized that they needed to be together to save there kind from something unknown.

If a fairy crosses a line, they disappear. The human world is that forbidden. If we risk our entire race, it would be terrible..

The legendary wings were passed down through generation-to-generation.

Now don't forget this: Those who get close to each other with the exact opposite wings, are bound together for eternity.