Chapter 12



She heard him calling out for her.

"Jeez, open your eyes..."

How long had she been asleep?

All Kaci knew was she had a pounding headache and piercing feeling in her stomach. Groaning in pain, she slowly opened one eye and weakly spoke, "Ion?" she whispered as she stared up at the boy who now looked up at her with his wide red eyes.

"Good God, Kaci..." Ion said in a cracking voice. Why did he sound so sad? Better yet, why were his eyes blood red? (You know when someone cries.)

"What's wrong?" Kaci asked clearly confused on why he so sad.

"You got hurt," Ion said tilting his head down to hide the worried look in his eyes. "I wasn't there and you got hurt."

"Ion..." Kaci's eyes held sympathy for him. "I'm alright now see?" she said sitting up, but unable to hold back the wince. "See?"

"Your stomach got hurt pretty bad," Ion said reaching out a hand to her. "My families medicine didn't work for some reason this time."

"Maybe it's because something happened." Kaci said in a matter-of-fact voice. "Maybe it's because I found out I can push people away."

Ion stared at him. "I think everyone call push people away." he said in his normal voice now, staring at her with a 'stupid' face.

"No not like this," Kaci said lifting up her hand and staring at it, before lifting it up towards a glass vase close to her. Concentrating, she lifted up her hand slightly. The vase twitched slightly and began to rise up.

"What the," Ion sounded shocked and he began to stand up. "How are you doing that?" he asked looking over at the vase sitting on the side table close to where she laid.

"I's my power." Kaci said placing it back down, before looking up at him. "I'm gonna have to heal normally."

"I'm bringing you with me home." Ion said slinging his bag over his shoulder, before picking Kaci up. "We will fix you up nicely." he smiled at her slightly.

Tilting her head down against his shoulder, she smiled at him. "Thank you Ion, for caring."

"No problem...I'll tell the teacher to tell Madison, alright?" Ion said patting her on the head. "Don't worry about anything right now."

Not fighting with him now, she felt the warmth of his heart beating against her ear. "I promise not to." she smiled the same as before.


"Miss Kaci!"

"Oh dear, what happened to you?!"

"Stop crowding around her!" Ion shouted at Maddie and Dustie who had been so curious they circled around the two.

Wincing slightly, they stepped back and bowed their heads. "We're sorry, Lord Ion."

"Get me Isabella, I need to get her some medical help." Ion ordered making his way to his room. "I'll be in my room, send her there."

"Yes, sir."

Ion said flying into his room. Closing the door behind him, he placed her down on his dark blue bed. Gently he looked over her from head to toe.

"What's wrong?" Kaci asked him softly.

"I'm going to make sure people know you belong to me.." Ion said leaning down towards her neck.

"I-Ion." Kaci said sounding flushed and embarrassed. "What are you doing?" she asked sounding afraid.

"It's alright." Ion purred into her neck, breathing softly onto the base of her neck. "It will hurt for a moment, alright?" he said quietly before he began to kiss her neck.

"No..." Kaci whispered touching him on the chest, "Please don't."

Ion didn't listen to her, that was until she quietly whispered.

"No, don't hurt me...please."

Ion pulled away, staring down at her. "Kaci.."

"Please, don't." she looked afraid of him.

"I won't..." he said looking hurt, "I'm not going to do anything to you." he slowly pulled away as the door opened. "Why would you think that?"

Kaci said nothing as Bella flew over to her side. "Miss Kaci, I heard you got hurt..." she was holding a small thing of what looked like peach cream.

"Yes...I did." Kaci replied sitting up slightly, both the girls looked at Ion. Who just gave out a small sigh.

"Fine fine, I'm going." he replied to their stare and flew towards the door. He opened the door then looked over her shoulder at him, "After you get healed up, we're going to talk about what just happened Kaci..." and then he closed the door.

"What happened, if I may ask?" Bella asked as she took Kaci's shirt off.

"Nothing," she replied shortly, and Bella said nothing. Just mending her bruised up stomach.

Thirty or so minutes later, she finished up. "Get well soon, Miss Kaci."

"Thank you." she fixed her shirt and glanced up after hearing Bella say, "Lord Ion." in a respectful tone and flew passed him.

The door closed and a heavy silence filled the air. Ion flew back over to her, and sat down on the bed side left to her.

"Is your stomach feeling any better?" Ion asked breaking the silence.

Kaci looked over at him, before looking away. "Yes, whatever Bella used. Helped a whole lot." she replied softly before clearing her throat.

"Why did you act like that before?" Ion asked reaching out and patting her head. "I wasn't going to hurt you.."

"When you said 'It will hurt only for a minute,' I felt scared." Kaci admitted hugging the pillow close to her. "What were you going to do to me anyway?"

"Bite you." he replied bluntly. "Love bites now a days keep people off each other."

"Not necessarily..." Kaci fidgeted slightly turning onto her side. "It might just cause more trouble."

"It won't, promise." he smirked slightly. "You already have a tiny hickey on your neck." Ion teased and touched the spot he had kissed.

"Shut up..." She was blushing red now. "Can you please, not act that way around me much?"

"It's my personality." he replied shrugging. "I'll back up some, only if you tell me why you get scared so much from it."

"First year in highschool," Kaci began and tilted her head down. "Before I wore glasses, I was nearly raped."

"Oh," Ion said staring over at her shocked. "And the person who did this to you was?..." he closed his hands into fists.

"Roger from kindergarten class 2-3." Kaci said staring down slightly. "He didn't succeed...I got a scar on my back because he attacked me."

"So, that means...he knew of your wings?"

"Yeah, but he said nothing of it." She looked over at him. "For some reason or another he died two days after from being strangled by someone.." Kaci's voice died off into a small whisper.

"I'm sorry, I won't act as rough as before." Ion replied bringing her closer to his chest and whispering into her ear. "I'll protect you, I promise."

In little over two days...

Ion the bully softened up.

To the girl he thought was so weird.

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