Why We Should be Socialist

Curious that most
insurance policies
don't cover failure.
Perhaps in a previous life,
nobody ever fell, but
for now,
our perdition is prevalent.

…and money is the
measure of our love for each other,
little green notches in a line
of molding sliding up the
side of a kitchen doorway to a
glass ceiling.
We fornicate on the edge
of a great opening
and tumble downward,
our progeny already on the precipice,
where we lay and wait
with little success:
defenestrated morals and
a defecated work ethic.
The kitchen is on fire.

The poverty line is the
most tangible thing left in
this torrid gap occupied with
vapid workers and the lottery players
who had no luck.
You were the best person
that you knew how to be,
well versed and voracious,
but they'll come,
They'll foreclose on the home you built,
every hit so much harder
than the last,
eventually, you know
you'll have to admit that it hurts.
Your children will hate you
and your grandchildren, too
as they trip because
they never grew and
nobody has any money left…

Fo ssol eht tnemal I
tub, noitadipert ym
evah I drow a si terger
denrael reven.
This society is backward,
serkcus rof si evol
enoyreve etah I dna.
Won, dna 02/02 si thgisdnih
raelc os si ti,
we are all losers.