The night held an oppressive silence. Gregory felt as if he was to be strangled by shadows. The air hummed, untold trickeries of the darkness hiding in its grasp. Normally Gregory would have never foolishly fear the dark, but with the night hung against him with such stifling power he felt trepidation being fed into him. The night felt so unnatural almost holding a conscience.

Gregory stood in the stone mausoleum. The place where he had sworn his life the Silver Winged Knights had once held an almost sacred memory to him. He had felt so noble at only seven years of age taking his oath as a fledgling knight knowing the church would take care of his mother and that he would have purpose. However after only two years, Sasha fled from the church. But he had been happy with her choice; he knew he would find himself without having to support her.

Then she returned only months later and Drayel was born, the most precious person in the world to him. It didn't matter to him that his mother had been ravaged and had carried the child loathing herself; Gregory immediately felt a connection to the child. He used his position in the knights to establish her place as a Pure Doll when she was twelve. He thought she had fallen in love with the life there as Gregory had for the Silver Winged. They had learned the church's way together and took assignments that called for the strength of a knight and the guidance of a pure doll. Drayel picked up her artistic ability and the city was soon full of her creations. Her talent even reached the castle, where her tragedy had begun.

Gregory thought about the memory and cursed himself. Everyone knew of the princess's insanity, he should have known that Drayel's work wouldn't be accepted by an unstable mind. But why had his sister created such a horrible painting? Couldn't she have stopped her vision? Why would the church let one of its pure dolls be killed so hideously? He had grown in the church thinking he understood its way. The church was supposed to be there to bring order to ensure peace in the country, to help people understand the history of the divine beings, and bring order to royalty. The knights were receiving more orders from the castle then they once had. The church keeps the castle in check but why did the castle begin ordering the church? Was the church losing its power?

The gateway that led back to the church flickered with the light of a candle. Gregory didn't even have to look to know that Riccado stood beside the gate.

Riccado spoke calmly. "Gregory, I heard. I would have preferred if you had told me, but I guess you're stoic that way, huh? You're the type that keeps all the bad news to yourself."

Gregory walked farther further away from the gate. He put his hand against a stone column with a statue of a Sorrow held onto it. The Sorrow of Disillusionment stared down at him with its cold expression. He sneered loathingly at it. "Damn this place."

Riccado stayed where he was, but began using a harsher tone. He spoke slowly. "Gregory, it isn't right to blame the powerless. There's nothing the Pure Dolls or the knights could have done for Drayel."

"We have a higher role than any noble does! My sister's life is more valuable than that lunatic's! What has happened to us? Why do you call us powerless?!" Realization dawned across Gregory's face. He closed his eyes. Drayel's face flashed across his mind. Already the image seemed to be fading. "There's more to Drayel's death," he spoke breathlessly.

Riccado shook his head. "Maybe there is, but how are you going to find out? Just let your sister rest, Gregory, she died doing what she loved."

"She's not going to rest; she's going to be burned!" Gregory pushed himself away from the pillar and walked towards the gate. He rushed past Riccado.

"What do you think you're going to do?" Riccado called after Gregory. His voice echoed against the indifferent stone walls.

"I'm going to bury my sister," answered Gregory solemnly as he left the mausoleum behind him.

The imp moon began its descent as Gregory walked into the thick night air.


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