You say he wants me to back off,

I ask, what does he say?

Let him speak for himself, he knows how,

Let him say "go away."

You told me he doesn't want me to call,

I ask, what does he think?

You're trying to get me to be alone,

I'll tell you, that's what I think.

You think I need to be alone?

Fine. You know you've won.

Because of you, I have no more friends,

And I'll have you know, I'm done.

You've ruined my life already

By taking him away from me.

Now you're taking away my friends?

What do you want me to see?

I don't understand what you're doing,

And I don't know what to say.

But I must say one thing right now,

I say "go away."

a/n: Don't ever come back if you know what's good for you.