The notes began and I had to leave,

That song… It's forever killing me.

It once meant love, but now that's gone,

I can't dance with another, it feels too wrong.

It was our song that he had to play,

Out of so many others… Well that just made my day.

I sat and cried, not for him… for me,

I'm just glad he couldn't see…

He wasn't there, but if he had been,

If I had spotted him, if I had seen

Another girl, her, in his arms for that song…

I should have known it all along.

It was always for her, not for me,

They're everything we used to be.

I don't want him back; don't miss him at all,

But next time, I'll look before I fall.

Those notes began; I sat and cried,

But no one was right there at my side.

Our song once meant love, but now it's gone…

Sometimes I think that I'll never move on.


Not all the way.