His hand brushed against her lower back, finding an indent between the slender muscle that lined her back. She didn't move, just let her eyes lock with his. They never broke eye contact, he started to lean forward. She remained perfectly still, not shifting a single muscle. They touched together, and the world froze. Nothing around them shifted or moved forward while their lips pressed against each other. The echo a distant river and the soft sound of deep forest was their only companions. His lips worked hers open and the world started spinning, racing on its axis. Every feeling, sensation, every touch accelerated and magnified. His hands tightened on her lower back, she leaned forward, pressing herself up into his lips. He angled down, pushing her against him, their bodies molding together, compatible in all ways. His hand slid under her shirt, pressing against the tender flesh of her hip. She dug her nails into his back, passion driving her every emotion. He pulled away, his breath hard. She relaxed down and pressed her cheek to his heart, the acceralted beat familiar.

"I love you…" His voice was stiff, hard and barley controlled. She pressed herself closer.

"I love you too…" Her voice was muffled by the dark shirt he wore. She wrapped her arms around his neck while he rest his lips against her throat. The world spun around them, echoing the brief passion and the thudding hearts.