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"Oh princess! I'm going to miss you so much!!"

"Mom, please…please don't cry! I promise I'll call you as soon as I land in Seattle k? And I'll always write AND call you", I hugged my mother, trying to reassure her I wouldn't isolate her from my life.

But it's always easier said than done. Our lives have been anything but perfect for the last two years. Two years since the rock of our family passed away: My dad. He was the most special to me, he was the sunshine to all my days & secretly, although I'd never admit to my mom, I was more attached to my dad.

I was a sophomore back then, fifteen years old, I thought I was too young for pressure, tragedies or worries; these were my years to enjoy with friends and families. But one eventful day chased all those silly thoughts away. It was a glum Friday, I was looking forward to going home, come to think of it, I was always looking forward to go home, only because every day at four in the evening my dad would call me from work to talk. It was our cute little tradition called "The Time" in our house.

My dad was a family guy: and since his job was to manage the multimillionaire Vastus Inc. he was away most of the hours. But on that day, I didn't get a call….at 4, at 5 or at 6, it wasn't until my bedtime that the phone rang in the kitchen. I cannot mention how delighted I was to finally get a call from him. I had been worried all evening for nothing-how wrong I was- when I reached downstairs I found my mom on the kitchen table, her eyes trying to send me a silent message: a silent, tragic message. Her beautiful brown eyes once always filled with happiness and love were now scarred with grief and melancholy, silent tears falling like a salty waterfall. Seeing her like that was enough, I knew something had happened to father, for my strong mother never cried unless it had tore and shredded her heart into a million pieces. Knowing that my father was in some fatal situation, crumpled my heart to bits; I couldn't see, everything seemed so lost… far away……so useless…. But no, I had to be strong, at least as much as my broken heart could be, my mother needed me, I didn't know how it felt to lose your one true love, your soul mate, the man you were married to for 17 years. I wobbled and sat at her feet, hugging her knees while she stoked my hair. I had to be strong… could she be? The soul of our small little world had been snatched away from us so brutally and suddenly it had left us so…spiritless. Silently crying on the loss, exhausted i finally fell into the comforting darkness of unconsciousness.

Next morning, was my dad's funeral, he had been badly burned with many deep burns. It had been group of heartless, government rebels, they wanted to show their superior power and strength by igniting power business companies into flames. Not paying any heed to the thousands of innocent company workers who would be killed. I loved my father with all the shatters of my broken heart, yet I wasn't strong enough to attend his funeral. I couldn't, not without crying and sobbing and I couldn't do that in front of all those people. That morning, I stayed in my room, staring at the ceiling reliving the precious memories I had shared with my dad. I did visit his grave, when I knew no one would be around, I sat and down and cried, cried until night fall that night; and that was the night, the night that spread its dark veil on the 15 years of my life, covering them in its silent darkness.


For two years, my mom struggled with jobs and money bills. In my dad's will all the money was to be inherited by my aunt, she despised my mother greatly; she had not approved of the marriage and her hatred had only been heating for the past 17 years. Last time the will was revised was before he was married. I knew this was just the start of another series of unfortunate events, my aunt would try every single thing to keep us penniless and as far from contact as possible. Hence, our small world was crumpling, instead of coming closer we grew more distant, became like strangers, the usual greeting were the only words communicated between each other for the whole day. That's how things ran in the household; me going to school, coming home, and going to bed, and the cycle repeated every day. For one and a half year at least, until mother finally decided to patch things up between us and start newly as a fresh, functional family. It was a breath of fresh air from the gloomy atmosphere that was starting to settle in our house. That was a great day, even if things had started out awkwardly; you can never not be close to the person who brought you to this world. And soon, we were progressing very well.

I do not know how things would've progressed thereafter; evidently, my unfortunate events were still at their peaks. The day of my 17th b' day a letter arrived from my aunt, the same aunt who had abandoned us the very day my darling father left the face of the earth. The letter requested….more of commanded really, for me to permanently settle down with her in Seattle so that I could get the "proper education for an educated lady". I was infuriated. Just when things were starting to patch themselves up, my aunt decides to plop into our safe little world and destroy the small pieces of happiness I had been trying to put back together for the last two years. I called her, informed her I would not like to live with her and would want to continue living my life the way it was. She replied with a "very well dear". I wasn't satisfied with the answer, and it nagged my brain all day. And just to add to the curry of tragedies, next morning, two men came to ship me off to Seattle. I had no choice, what could I do? Maybe I should just trust that someone watching over me to at least bring me some happiness in reward to the two years of pain. Hadn't I suffered enough?!

"Hun…Hun?! Veronica Shay! Darling are you ok? Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry sweetheart! I promise I'll try to do something to improve your situation. I'm going to miss you so much baby! Please don't forget to write to me okay honey?? Oh! Jay's here, he's going to miss you so terribly! I'll leave you two alone now".With a final hug she left me standing there, little did i know that my legs were actually obeying my mother, and soon i was looking in Jay's pain filled eyes, brimming with un shed tears. This time he didn't greet me with his usual "hey there! Black haired beauty!" no, not today, but he was so special to me, he was my one and only best friend left, after my dad's death.

" I'm going to miss you so much Jaykey-poo!" I cried as I hurled himself at him, he hugged me back fiercely- he was like the big brother I never had.

" I'll miss you too my black-haired beauty" he whispered into my ear, his warm breath and strong arms making me so much more safer. I raised my head to look up at him, only to see him hastily wiping away a few betraying tears. Jay was crying….mother was sobbing….but why not me? was I heartless? Why couldn't I cry? I cared about them with my life, yet I could not cry at the thought of leaving them, even though seeing them cry, made my heart squeeze so tightly.

With a final wave towards the last two people of my small, and slowly vanishing world, I followed the black clad men to the plane—soon I'd be landing in Seattle…

As soon as the plane started lifting, realization finally hit me, this time with a full blown force, nostalgia crept onto me from every corner and I finally let go, let go of all the tension inside of me, as silent tears cascaded down my cheeks and onto my blue sweater, no matter, this was not worth anywhere as close to the people I had now left behind. Who knows when would be the next time I would see them? I had lost my father, and now my mother and my Jay were going to be a thousand miles away from me.

Another closing to the crestfallen pages of my life, what was I to anticipate next? All I could see, even looking in the direction of the hole that could possibly be showing me a faint flickering light at the end of this endless and pitch dark tunnel, was the beginning of another woeful, bleak life ahead of me.


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