Hey Everyone! I'm Alexis, and this is one of MANY stories I have stored on various computers. I've got a HUGE backlog, so I'll probably be putting up quite a bit tonight!

Okay, BG on this story. Ivy, the main character, is reminiscing about her dead mother. Sorry about the boringness, but it's necessary background info. Now all I've got to do is figure out how to name individual chapters.....

"Moooom, pleeeease can we get a dog? Pleeeeease!!! I would take care of it, and feed it, and give it water, and-" Here she paused for breath. Her mother took advantage of her pause, and spoke "Really Ivy, we've had this conversation before. We can't have a dog because we don't have space. It's also a lot of responsibility for a little girl." Her mom spoke with finality, and Ivy knew that it was no use. Still, she tried her last shot. "I will be able to take care of it. Remember when we nursed that puppy back to health?? I was a lot of help then, wasn't I?? I'm a vet's daughter for pete's sake!" Well, I don't know……" Her mom hummed a song, thinking deeply.

"My mom always hummed when she thought. I never could remember the song though. It was very beautiful. " I said to the plants as I leaned over the ferns I was weeding out of the border of our house.

"Maybe you can get a dog. You were a lot of help when Mrs. Baker needed us to take care of Tom for a week. (Tom was Mrs. Baker's dog, I guess, I really don't remember) I guess…. you can have one.-"Wow, really, a dog of my own?? I can't wait, can we get him today??" Ivy interrupted. "Well," her mom said laughingly, "I'll need to call your dad first. Then, if he gives the OK, you can get a dog. You'll have to get it from the pound though."

"There's a gas station. I'll go in, and call your dad." her mom said happily. Ivy grinned suddenly "Good luck convincing him." she changed the subject quickly, noticing her mother's annoyed expression. "Can I come in and get a snack, I'm hungry." Ivy asked politely, not expecting an assent, and was surprised when her mother said yes.

"Of course Ivy, of course you can get a snack." she said, with a smile at her daughter's surprised expression.

As we entered the gas station, Mom seemed uneasy, a different person from the happy, singing person, who was dancing around a moment ago.

"What is it Mom?" Ivy asked worriedly. "I don't know, Ivy," said her mother anxiously her eyes looking around uneasily. "I just have a bad feeling about this. It feels……. dangerous."

"Well," said Ivy cheerfully, "I'm going to get a snack." As her daughter went to get a snack, Ivy's mother realized what it was that was bothering her.

It was that there was no cashier.

The sign said that it was open, there was no back room, so, Ivy's mom wondered to herself, where were the workers?

Suddenly, Ivy's mom started, as she felt a cold steel rod being pressed against her back.

"Mommy, there's nothing I like in the candy section, can I get some-" said Ivy, coming out the adjoining room. Suddenly she looked up from the bag of Lay's she was examining, and saw the big man, who had a gun pressed to her mom's back.

Ivy screamed. The burglar threw her mother away from him, as he ran away. But not before he pulled the trigger of the gun against her mom's back. Ivy screamed yet again, as everything went dark for her mother…

After that, all I remember is a blur, except for what my mother told me, as she died from the bullet in her back….

"Ivy, I want you to remember me. Always remember, that you are my daughter. If anyone.. strange…. ever threatens you, just speak my name. Then you will be safe." Suddenly she moaned. With her last breath, she told me to go in the phone booth, and call my dad.

"And that's the last time I saw her." Ivy said to the ferns, her voice businesslike, with the iron sureness of one who had repeated this story many times. "The police said that there was no body; just blood, or at least, that's what my dad told me. I never knew if he was just protecting me, or if my mother really did go away."

Okay, first chappie is up! Enjoy, and tell me if it's overdone. I have that problem a lot. I add too much detail.